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    TOEFL reporting to CGFNS

    Hello, folks. Have you ever reported your English Proficiency Test to CGFNS? How long does it take to be uploaded on their website? Now, I am processing in CES of CGFNS, and ETS sent my TOEFL score to them on Jan.7th. However, it has not been updated yet. What's wrong with them?? If anybody know about this, please tell me what should I do. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello, folks. I am processing in CES which of CGFNS for endorsement. Here is my problem. I passed TOEFL test, and EST sent the result to CGFNS on Jan.7th. However, CGFNS hasn't undated it so far. My other documents were matched their criteria, but CES state is still on 'waiting on English.' I have offered a job, and the orientation of it is end of this month. If in next week, my English score would be undated, is there any possible that I can finish CES process within this month? and can I finish endorsement within this month? I have already called them to be hurry and check my English score seven times, but it has not worked. I am really worried about that I should say that I haven't gotten my nursing board yet, so I can't work now to my nursing recruiter and unit manager. I am really desperate because of laziness of CGFNS. Please let me know anything what I should know at this time. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello folks. I have been worked at adult Med/Surg unit for 6years. So, I have not much experiences taking care pediatric patients. Always I have been facing to them, it is too hard coping with their tiny tiny little bodys,vessels and also calculating medicine doses and administration is big challenges. In addition, guardians are always sensitive with my nursing care, even though I am a skillful nurse. For these reasons, I really admire PED nurses :) Here is my question. I know a lot of my RN friends would like to be a pediatric nurse, such as NICU or PICU or just general pediatric unit. I am surrounding RNs who want to be a pediatric nurse. However, I never been want to be a pediatric nurse. I just wonder that is there anyone likes me? In these days, even I feel like I am abnormal. Please tell me your opinion. Thank you in advance.