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  1. Shark24

    CCRN Exam

    I’m currently using Pass CCRN question bank for practice, but not sure if I would be better with ACCN practice question bank. Has anyone use both, how do you compare it? T.I.A.
  2. Shark24

    What would my rank be?

    Probably LTJG (0-2E)
  3. Shark24

    Liability insurance

    If for some reason you took care of that patient that's suing the hospital and from all the staff they happened to know that you have insurance they'll go only against you. If you're under your scope of practice and standard of care you should be fine, if you are practicing outside a company let say your own business you should get your insurance.
  4. Heading to ODS this weekend too!
  5. Shark24

    Navy ODS in June

    What is that post about ODS?
  6. Shark24

    Navy ODS in June

    Heading to ODS in September, any tips?
  7. Shark24

    ODS Questions

    Heading to ODS in September too!
  8. Shark24

    ROTC and Nursing School (Very Important!)

    Get in contact with the local officer recruiter for the branch you want to apply and talk to them. Officer recruiter are different from enlisted recruiter
  9. Shark24

    USAF Nursing Entry Process

    You should go to a Officer recruiter, they have a check list of everything you need, it all depends in the order you work the check list.
  10. Shark24

    ? About statement of motivation for army

    Keep it in one page, mine was 3 solid paragraph, sell yourself, tell them why they need to pick you out from the other candidates, tell them what you are bringing to the ARMY.
  11. Shark24

    VA Work Shifts

    Nothing on the VA is quick, everything is hurry up wait!
  12. Shark24

    Army Reserve rank question

    Thanks for the information
  13. Shark24

    OR RN considering the military

    I agree with jfratian, ARMY is not hurting nursing wise, you should try other branches.
  14. Shark24

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    The whole VA system sucks
  15. Shark24

    Active Duty Navy Direct Accession FY 2017

    How long it took your Final Selection letter to arrive ?
  16. Shark24

    Navy ODS in June

    Any update at ODS?