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  1. Guest12/13/16

    BSN and a minor in Spanish?

    If it was me, I wouldn't minor in anything. Nursing school is hard enough and you don't need more crap to do besides focusing on your GPA and passing the NCLEX. I took four years of high school spanish and was thereby exempt from my university's foreign language requirement, but I'm nowhere near fluent. I can look things up on the Internet and translate that way, but besides that it hasn't been very useful to me. To really become fluent you need to be surrounded by the language and have no choice but to learn it. You're just not going to get that from college.
  2. Guest12/13/16

    Lost an A in an instant. I Feel devastated.

    I'm so sorry that happened. It's crappy. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to school and work, so I would be upset too.
  3. Guest12/13/16

    I feel like going to class is a waste of time

    Class was a waste of time for me. Because our book trumps everything, I wish I would have read and taken notes from the book during class.
  4. Guest12/13/16

    3.4 GPA Undergrad too low?

    I would imagine they would look on that grad GPA as an improvement
  5. Guest12/13/16


    If you're looking for a 100% online program you won't find any because there are none.
  6. I read everything and take notes as I read before class on the topic. I do all the questions at the end of the chapter, all the questions in the workbook, and all the questions from the Success series (I'm using Fundamentals Success this semester). Then I re-read all the chapters before the exam. It is a lot of effort, but it pays off. Also, when I take notes about a person or numbers, I make a special separate notes consisting of numbers and people (the things hard for me to remember).
  7. Guest12/13/16

    Need help with nursing dx

    The reason you can't use related factors or evidence for a risk for diagnosis is because it is a *risk*. There are no actual s/sxs. Just risk factors.
  8. Guest12/13/16

    CNA to LPN to RN to BSN....

    There are no ASN programs in your area? It's what I had to do as my second degree (I have a BA) so I could finance it, and the total cost of the program with everything, books, fees, uniforms, licensing fees is $10k
  9. Guest12/13/16

    BSN to PMHNP Program

    Are you having doubts about being a PMHNP? If not, then you're not going to use those assessment skills anyway and they will probably atrophy without use. If so, then it seems you need to decide what you really want to do, or go the FNP route to keep your options open.
  10. Guest12/13/16

    3 Strike Rule: Non-Compliant Patients

    This is absolutely insane.
  11. Guest12/13/16

    psych is so hard to break into...

    No, I'm talking about an inpatient place with lower acuity patients than a hospital. I'm not familiar with your area, but Google Windmoor in Clearwater for an example
  12. Guest12/13/16

    SPC Nursing Program Spring 2017

    Tips for level 1: You have to read the book to do well. Read everything, all the boxes. I would even suggest reading and taking notes from the book instead of paying attention to lectures or power points. Everything in nursing school is detail oriented. Understanding concepts is important, but you will only do so well without details. You will pass understanding the concepts. You will excel if you know the details. Practice your skills! Unless you have a really lax instructor, you won't pass skills check offs without practicing each one at least three times. That means coming to the skills lab before or after class at least twice a week. You'll do even better if you practice each one ten times. You can't just read the skills sheet and do it perfect the first time during check offs. You need to be proficient at skills for patients, not just for check offs. Keep your head down and do not go toe to toe with an instructor. It's not worth it. We had a girl do this in our clinical group and it didn't end up well for her. I wish I would have picked Bay Pines as my clinical site. They're pretty much the only hospital in the area with 8 hour shifts, and I hate 12 hour shifts. They also have great benefits.
  13. Guest12/13/16

    psych is so hard to break into...

    Perhaps try inpatient psych that is not a hospital?
  14. Guest12/13/16

    Struggling...please help

    " I am having to drink or take sleep aids to get any rest." This is a pretty big warning sign. Look for a new job ASAP.
  15. Guest12/13/16

    Online BSN

    It's going to be really hard to learn all you can online, have time to practice skills and be competent enough to do them on patients, and then clock enough clinical hours to meet state mandates. You pretty much can't get a first time nursing degree online. There may be programs, but I'm sure they're not much more convenient than traditional programs.
  16. Guest12/13/16

    Does calculus effect nursing school admission

    It depends if they consider overall GPA or only prerequisite GPA towards admission. Ask them or find out.

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