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  1. Kmunden

    Chrisitiana Care Residency 2016

    I had an interview in Wilmington as well, however they never got back to me. That was in the psych department. I was tired of waiting to hear back from the Residencies (apparently they only let in 5-8 people), so I went for another position in med-surg. If you are going to both I would recommend near the Newark hospital. Wilmington you can drive to, but is in a odd area.
  2. Kmunden

    Chrisitiana Care Residency 2016

    I applied to Christiana's Residencies in November- has anyone heard from a representative if they had been accepted? I got several emails as to how to submit the required material to the departments my application seemed to fit- and I submitted those documents, but have heard nothing else. Should I be expecting an email or letter? Any advice or recommendations?
  3. Kmunden

    Christiana Care Residency 2016

    I was wondering if and when one would hear if you were or were not accepted in the residency programs offered with Christiana Care? I also do not know if you will get a letter or email? I applied to both the perioperative and emergency areas. Let me know if you have any information.