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  1. ArleneNC99

    aide from hell

    It is your responsibility to act as a patient advocate. You must document each incident that you have witnessed and encourage the rest of the staff to do the same. Your DON, as you know, needs the documentation in order to counsel or discipline any...
  2. ArleneNC99

    Agency Nurses

    RNPD Thank you for your reply. I understand exactly what you mean about some agencies. We are very careful to qualify our nurses, making sure they are competent and can function independently. I try very hard to orient my nurses to a manageable...
  3. ArleneNC99

    Agency Nurses

    Janeen Smith Thank you for your reply. I work very hard at sending only professionals to the hospitals and facilities I staff. I do some contracting for guaranteed shifts and I understand what you mean. It is unfair to those who are loyal to the...
  4. ArleneNC99

    need input from Mentors!!!

    Sometimes we nurses are our own worst enemy. I empathies with you. It is difficult for us to remember when we were in need of mentoring......but all of us were. Try to "buddy" your seasoned nurses with those in need of mentoring using a team appro...
  5. ArleneNC99

    Agency Nurses

    I am the owner of an agency. I am also a nurse who is proud of my profession. I am striving toward providing a professional atmosphere for my fellow nurses while offering the quality staff I would be proud to work beside had I remained in the hospit...