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  1. JennyPARN

    Tell me about your orientation

    Thanks Hppy. When I'm training I get a straight $26 for the shift. Also hardly worth it. I am pushing for and working on a better and longer orientation. We also have a lot of new grad hires. My fear is that my company's staffing model is just that - have the long-time employees train the new ones for very little $, they get their experience and move on then we have to train more nurses. It's short-sighted and puts the responsibility of training all on nurses. It saves them money probably but certainly is not focused on retention.
  2. JennyPARN

    Tell me about your orientation

    8 weeks sounds more like it. Hppy, does your facility pay you to be a master trainer/mentor and are those hours outside of your hours on the floor (if you're still on the floor?) Thanks, Jenny
  3. JennyPARN

    Tell me about your orientation

    Hi fellow psych nurses. I work as a charge nurse in an acute psych hospital. We are an extremely busy, fast-paced hospital. I believe that our orientation program (if you can call it that) is lacking. New employees have a week in the classroom going over mostly compliance issues, CPI training and then 3-5 shifts orienting on the units with another nurse. The hospital has hired many brand new nurses recently. I don't think this is nearly enough training. For those of you in similar environments, what is your orientation like? Thanks.
  4. JennyPARN

    Please Help! I need career advice ASAP

    Hi there Omg. I don't necessarily have advice for you but I want to concur that I felt exactly the same way as a new RN working in LTC. I had so many questions and no one to ask. I had at least 30 patients to pass meds to and I mean MEDS plus treatments. I know I made mistakes. The lack of staff was shocking to me and the facility was an expensive one for residents. I think I lasted 6 months. I was so happy when I walked out for the last time. 5 years later I can say that I believe there is short-staffing everywhere but in my job now I do not feel like I am drowning all the time. Nursing is tough. I never thought it was going to be easy but we all have to find the right fit for us. Mine was not in LTC. Wishing you the best.
  5. JennyPARN

    What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Borderline personality disorder.
  6. JennyPARN

    Another reason unions suck!

    Wow, kalvera! Where do you work?! Multiple hospitals have joined our union recently because they thought they could work things out amicably and professionally with management. Broken promises, continued unsafe staffing, no cost of living raises etc. Unions are still important. And they are about the power of WE!
  7. JennyPARN

    Safe staffing?

    I am an RN in an acute psychiatric, for profit hospital. I love my job. However, nurses and management seem to be in constant disagreement about what constitutes "safe" staffing. I went to work briefly in long-term care, in a not for profit facility, just to see how different the staffing practices were. I found the same issue - too little staff (nurses and aides) to ensure a safe milieu for patients and staff. I understand that facilities are concerned about their bottom lines, however, it seems really short-sighted to limit staff in order to save money. My question is this; can any nurses here tell me that they work in a facility that staffs appropriately not just based on census but on acuity, as well? Of those that feel safely staffed, do you feel that, as an RN you have a voice in the staffing decisions? PS. I'm still pretty new to the nursing world (3 years). I have also been a self-employed massage therapist for 23 years. There are many things about working for corporations that confuse me. Thanks all.