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  1. nothingbutgoodnews

    Ivy Tech Lawrence Spring 2016

    good idea!! i've spent a couple of hours in the past few days trying to figure out what a good score would be to get into lawrence ASN program. im not even applying for the spring but still does anyone mind telling me their scores when they applied to lawrence [any other campus is fine too]? i havent taken the teas test yet and so far i have A in psych and B in A&P. in the spring [2016] i'll be taking A&P 2 and Eng.
  2. nothingbutgoodnews

    Ivy Tech Spring 2016 Applicants

    Hi guys!! congrats on all those who got accepted!! i'm planning on applying in the fall semester but i havent taken English and the teas test yet. I have a B in anatomy but an A in psych. so im hoping for an A in English to balance it out. and a good score ofc. for those that accepted to Lawrence do u mind restating what you got on your classes and your teas test? just to see what i ought to aim for. thanks!! also since im taking Eng do you all recommend a specific professor to take it with? im located in central indianapolis but i dont mind driving up to lawrence so if you had a wonderful easy going professor please let me know! best of luck in January