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    Capella University Flex Path RN to BSN Program- Summer 2018

    Thank you!
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    Capella University Flex Path RN to BSN Program- Summer 2018

    Associate's degree in Nursing is entry for New York. Yes, I finished in 8 weeks.
  3. First of all, if you are skeptical about if online learning is real learning, you have nothing to worry about with Capella. I can honestly say that I learned more from some of the courses conducted online than I have from courses that I attended, in-person. With that being said, not all professors are great professors, whether they are online, or not. However, most of Capella's professors are really good! How does it work? There are 11 nursing courses. I had to take a total of 13 courses to fulfill 2 social science requirements. My friend had to take 12 to fulfill 1 humanity requirement. Therefore, expect to take 11 courses minimum...after that, the requirements are individualized. You get to take up to 2 courses at a time. The professors must grade your work within 48 hours, excluding weekends. If you submit your paper on Monday at 2:00 p.m. your professor has until Wednesday 1:59 p.m. to grade your paper and post feedback. If your submit your paper Friday at 12 a.m. your professor does not have to get back to you until Tuesday at 1:59 p.m. to grade your paper and post feedback. You have to receive at least basic in all of the competencies for each paper submitted. You may achieve a proficient or distinguished which is the best. Non-performance means you did not meet the criteria for the paper and you have two more chances to fix that area on the paper. You don't have to re-do the whole paper. Unless, you choose to. Do you feel a connection with the professor? Oh, yes! Some professors come off really caring and genuine and that makes it easy to navigate through the course. How many papers per course? The minimum amount of papers is 3, the maximum is 5, the majority is 4. How long does one course take to complete? The duration of the course depends on both, the student and the professor. The shortest amount of time it took me to complete a course was 1 week. The longest amount of time it took me to complete a course was 1.5 weeks. Once again, your professor has up to 48 hours to grade your paper and give feedback, but some professors grade your paper a couple of hours after you submit it. This allows you to move on, freely. Keep in mind, you can submit two papers prior to receiving feedback on the first one. However, I would not recommend it. Professors standards may vary and some papers tie into the next paper. Therefore, it is best to wait for feedback if you do not want to have to edit and re-submit both papers. How Long did it take to complete the entire program? I just graduated with my entry level RN, I did not get to work, yet, and I had a lot of time. I did not go on vacation and I took that time to complete 13 courses. It took me a total of 8 weeks to get my BSN through Capella Flex Path program. How Much did you pay? With 10% off, I paid $2700. It costs 2700 dollars per quarter (every three months). I only used 1 quarter. Is it nursing accredited? Yes, it is! The American Nurse Association even rewards scholarships for students to help pay for the school. I cannot be specific with which accreditations Capella has because Capella keeps gaining accreditations. However, I do believe it has all the accreditations necessary for national compliance. It is a Minnesota-based school and I live in New York. Why would you say Capella is a good school? I learned a lot. I literally sat in a meeting with people that had their BSN degree from NYU and LIU, and I was able to answer questions that they weren't, thanks to Capella's courses. Do you think you really learned, or learned just enough to complete the paper? I really learned a lot from the Flex Path program. When I go to school, in-person, I have to study for an exam, I take the exam, and then some times my brain starts kicking out the information. Sort of like Math, and I love math! But online, I take the professors' instructions, read it thoroughly, do my research and write a paper about it in my own words. The competency is designed to evaluate your understanding. Therefore, the knowledge actually sticks. Would you return to Capella? Yes, I plan to return form my MSN. I am not returning immediately because I just began work. I want to settle in, first, before adding more to my plate. I plan to return in the winter of 2019. Was it worth getting your BSN? Of course! The hospital I work at is a Magnet hospital and in order to maintain that status nurses must have a BSN. Also, I get paid more and it brings me closer to my goal as a nurse practitioner. If you do have an Associate Nursing degree, most places want to know you are enrolled in a BSN program. Were there any issues with the school, or anything you felt was questionable? My flex path coach was never available when I called. However, it did not matter because I never left a message to have my call returned. You have the option of leaving a message or speaking with another coach. I always chose to speak with another coach. Other coaches were always available and knowledgeable. Therefore, it didn't matter to me if I spoke to my assigned coach, or not. -Dansih17 If you have any other questions or need clarification please feel free to post.

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