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  1. So this is kind of a conundrum, but I'm not sure on the legalities of maintaining my RN license as a medical student. Being a nurse is a major part of who I am, I worked hard for my license and don't like the thought of letting it expire. However, and I know it's different for NP's as they have to keep up their nursing licensure, but once you become an NP, I believe that there are legalities in regards to practicing as an RN in reference to scope of practice and I'm not sure how those legalities will effect me. I believe medical students work under the license of their attending, as we were under the license of our instructor in nursing school. Should I renew my license or should I let it expire? I would like to keep it active out of principle, but do not want to have anything fall back onto me as a medical student in case something were to happen with a patient. Recommendations?
  2. Hi All, I'm a pediatric RN that has just recently been accepted to Medical School and will be matriculating in the Fall of 2020. It has taken me several years to do this as I've been working part time and taking classes. All of the nurses that I work with have been incredibly supportive during this time, and have even gone out of their way to switch shifts with me to make sure that I was able to make it to last minute interviews. At one of the interviews last week, the physician that interviewed me told me that my being a nurse is something I should never tell to the nurses on the wards during rotations and in residency because it would not go over well and would hinder me as a student. I was actually surprised by that sentiment because that is not what I have experienced thus far at all! I feel like it would be a good bonding moment between myself and the nurses because I've been there and in essence I feel it will make my residency go more smoothly because having been a nurse, I know exactly what orders the nurses (as well as the interdisciplinary team in general) will want. From nurse to nurse, what are your thoughts on this? Keep it to myself, or not?
  3. RNthenDoc

    Do certifications count as CNE's?

    I am in Texas and am taking the CPN soon.I am wondering, when you receive a certification in your specialty, does that also give you CNE's towards renewing your license? Have not been able to find anything out about this. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, anyone have any opinions on Medical City Dallas/HCA? I have 1 1/2 years pediatric surgical-trauma/gen peds exp at a children's hospital and a few months peds exp in pediatric home health. Got a PRN job offer at Med City Children's on their gen peds floor for a few days a month, figured I would try it out but don't know much about HCA and have not heard much either. I have only used EPIC charting and I know that they use Meditech. Thank you!
  5. RNthenDoc

    Cook Children's October 2017

    Good luck everyone. Not a new grad but I worked 1.5 years on a med surg at Dallas Children's and it was a very great learning experience and peds was very fun. Enjoy it those of you that get it!
  6. RNthenDoc

    Advice for a New Burn ICU Nurse

    Hello all, I am a fairly new nurse with 1 1/2 years of experience of general pediatrics mixed w/ some trauma-surg overflow at a level 1 Children's hospital. I was just hired into the BICU at Parkland in Dallas and am very excited, but am feeling a little overwhelmed as I do not have either critical care experience or adult/burn experience. I am going to be out of my element for sure other than the fact that they take pediatric patients as well! To any and all, what is your advice for a nurse going into this highly specialized specialty and do you have any clinical text recommendations for me to brush up on before the internship begins? Thank you!
  7. RNthenDoc

    Preferred ICU exp, in your opinion

    Hello everyone, I am currently a pediatric surgical-trauma RN who is in in the process of switching to adult ICU. I currently have a job offer for CVICU, general ICU and STICU. I know this is subjective and relative to the school, but I have heard that CVICU is preferred for CRNA school. I have more of an interest in medical patients, something I know I would find in the general ICU (as well as cardiac, surely). My question is, would you take the job that is preferred for admissions, or the job that you know you would personally enjoy more? I love helping my patients with all of my heart, but there are still populations that I prefer. My plan after CRNA school is to return to peds as that is where my heart is (Though I do not want to do PICU).
  8. RNthenDoc

    From general pediatrics to adult ICU

    Hello all. I am a newish nurse, one year of experience on a general pediatric floor (8 months was on a surgical-trauma) and have always been interested in working critical care, I worked on a general icu as a pct in school and loved it! I have also learned this 1 year as a nurse, that I did not know nearly as much as a I thought I did, when I became an RN. I am interviewing at a level 1 hospital in Dallas and know that the recruiter will ask which icu specialty I want. Even though I am sure that working critical care is what I want for my future aspirations, I am scared to make the switch. I have never dealt with a lot of the disease processes that adults generally come with and will have to refresh big time! Do you think that I am setting myself up for failure by switching from gen peds to adult icu with only 1 year of experience and having never worked with adults as an RN?
  9. RNthenDoc

    How to move from peds to adult ICU

    Hello all, I am a newer nurse coming up on my 1 year of experience. I work general pediatrics and have also worked on a mixed peds surgical-trauma for a few months as well. I want to move out of peds and go into adult ICU. Only problem is, a lot of the "GN" programs ask for an RN with no experience or less than 1 year of experience and all of the ICU jobs as for at least 1 year of ICU experience. I feel some what pigeon holed in my job and don't know how to get out. I found out peds wasn't for me and I really need advice! Thank you.
  10. RNthenDoc

    Gen peds vs neuro peds

    Hello everyone, I have the option between going to a gen peds/surgery inpatient floor that I hear has a very quick turn around time for patients (12-24 hours) or to go to a 21 bed (8 bed EMU)/pediatric neuro floor. They are both to be offered for night shift. I don't know much about how either might be and was hoping maybe someone with some experience in pediatrics could elaborate for me on which might be the best position for a new grad of 2 months into the hospital to take. Thank you.
  11. RNthenDoc

    New Nurse feeling very down

    Hello, I am a new nurse into the PICU one month into my internship. I have gone between 3 preceptors in this time and have just met my "main" preceptor after about 10 shifts, while everyone else has been with their "main" since the get go. After taking report, she said that she did not like how I jotted the body systems and began making remarks that she did not know that I would be so "unadvanced" at this point in time and that she would have to start me from the beginning. That's fine, because I want to learn and do the way that works for her. By the end of the shift I felt I was getting the hang of things and ended the shift on a positive note. In the morning I jotted the way that she wanted and while charting on the same stable pair from the day prior, I was getting behind and had not finished charting on the first patient. She told me that this is the most stable patients that we have and if I was getting overwhelmed with this that I don't belong in the ICU. When I went to flush the IV, I did not see that it was clamped and she sarcastically asked me where I went to school and if I have ever worked with IVs. I feel that at this point in time I felt overwhelmed because she was breathing down my neck. When I administered the meds through NG tube, it backed up and some of it spilled on the sheets. I re-sent for another from pharmacy, but she made a big deal out that because the sheets had just been changed and I was scared of her seeing it before coming in the room because of the fit she had made over the IV a few minutes prior that I was literally shaking. I understand the ICU is a no-nonsense kind of place, but 1 shift into meeting her I am beginning to believe that I am incompetent. When I went home that night, I cried, because I feel that I made a mistake going into the ICU as a new grad, that I'm not going to ever get better, not last and that they will fire me and wind up homeless. I don't really know what to do. I had never felt like this with my other preceptors. I feel like I am giving 100% and that I will never be able to live up to her standards. I am not trying to put her down, she is an amazing nurse loved by everyone on the unit, which is why I feel so poorly about myself at this point in time. I feel as if I am dreading going back to work and even worse.. this hospital comes with a 2 year contract.
  12. RNthenDoc

    From RN to Medical School

    Hello everyone, I understand this is a very loaded question and I do apologize. I just received my BSN at the age of 22 and I had originally gone into Nursing, in all honesty, to become a CRNA for the money.. I no longer wish to pursue this as I know I would be unhappy. I work in a PICU and am currently in the middle of my internship. Would you advise that I go back to school to take pre-reqs in 6 months-1 year, do you think it would be feasible working 3 12's and be able to do well in school? I am not interested in the role of the PA or NP and feel that medicine is where my heart is driven. I apologize if I have offended anyone, I love nursing, I just don't feel that it can provide me the fulfillment that I desire.
  13. RNthenDoc

    Typical Ratio?

    Well I'm a new graduate at Dallas Children's in the PICU and the ratio I have had so far is 1:2, but for the floor I believe it may be either 1:3 or 1:4, I am not entirely sure.
  14. RNthenDoc

    Best PICU reference/patho book

    I know it has been several months, but since then I have graduated and passed NCLEX. 3 weeks until I start in the PICU. Thank you for your amazing advice, I wanted to follow up and let you know that I ended up buying the 3rd edition by Hazinski. What a wonderful resource! I am just reading front to back and have finish up until the psychosocial chapter around page 37 (out of 1000!) I was curious if you had any further advice on what would be essential that I read. Neuromuscular blocks, psychosocial, etc. Your response has been extremely helpful, I really pray some of my coworkers are just as helpful, thank you!
  15. RNthenDoc

    Do I need a pediatric stethoscope?

    This is probably a dumb question, I'm going to be a GN in a non cardiac Trauma PICU in a few weeks and I have a classic adult littman stethoscope that I went through nursing school with and it seems to work fine. Should I invest now in a pediatric stethoscope, will I actually need one? Thank you.
  16. RNthenDoc

    Med/Surg RN. Want ICU job. Get ACLS?

    I'm a new graduate in the ICU and only have to obtain ACLS, if I may ask, what is difficult about getting into the ICU for you as an experienced RN, I guess I'm not understanding.

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