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  1. Zoily85

    NYIT 2019

    I applied to NYIT in February. Does anyone know when they will start sending acceptance letters?
  2. Zoily85

    Night shift Lpn feeling clueless

    Thank you, there's one nurse I tend to call but when he's off I don't have a friendly nurse that I can ask. At this point I'm going to have to take the nasty attitude but atleast I'll have the piece of mind that I reported it and that the resident is safe. Once I know what warrants a phone call it would make my job so much easier.
  3. Zoily85

    Night shift Lpn feeling clueless

    I've been an Lpn for about 4 months and I felt more confident in my 2nd month than I do now. Last month my RN supervisor said to me that I call him for stupid reasons. I'm so confused. I need to know when it's appropriate to call my supervisor, what I can leave for the morning shift but still be proactive . Please help!
  4. I haven't received anything from the RN program but I'm glad I applied to the LPN program. I sent my deposit and will go this route towards my RN.
  5. Ok, so I finally got the guts to call admissions. There's a holiday coming up so some people won't receive letters for a couple more days. Admissions also told me since I applied to the RN and LPN program they didn't want to accept just yet to the LPN program because I still had a shot at the RN program. She gave me lots of hope.
  6. Please pray for me! I can't continue to stalk my mailman.
  7. I'm still waiting for a letter. I applied for the RN and LPN program. What's going to happen to me????? Is anyone else going through this?
  8. Did you get a letter yet?
  9. Zoily85

    Nassau Community College Spring 2016

    I received an acceptance letter as a nonmstriculated student. I don't know what this means. Is it a rejection to the nursing program? My registration status is nondecided/ nonmatriculsted.