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  1. Hi! So I was just accepted to the RPN program at st. Lawrence for the winter, and I am waiting to hear back from Algonquin. I was wondering if there are any future, current or past students that will be attending, or have attended and have any advice for a newbie! Thanks :) Cant wait to get started!
  2. Newnurse2018

    UOttawa Second Entry Nursing

    Hi! i am looking to apply for the second-entry program at Uottawa for next year, and i was wondering if anyone had any information on it! Such as the GPA/CGPA cut off was for applicants accepted this year, if they look at extracurriculars (not just grades) and how many people were accepted into the program etc! Any information on it would really be great! Thanks so much
  3. Newnurse2018

    University of Ottawa-Nursing Second Entry(fast tracking)

    Hi @ejohnso6 ! I was just wonder what your grades were when you applied to UOttawa, if you don't mind me asking! Because I am planning on applying but I'm not sure if i have the grades to get in!
  4. Newnurse2018

    Ontario Second-Entry Nursing

    Hi! I'm constantly on this sight so i figured it was about time i joined! I am currently in my 4th Year in health sciences at Dalhousie U, and I am really interested in the 2nd entry Nursing programs! Particularly at UOttawa, but i would be more than happy to be accepted anywhere, i'm a little nervous about applying though because my first and second years weren't great.. So really any insights would help! I was wondering if anyone has applied to UOttawa, Trent or York?? Also if anyone know's what the GPA/ cGPA are for them/ if admissions are solely based on grades? Best of luck everyone!

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