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  1. Meganhuckabay1

    TWU FALL 2019 FNP

    Yes, you have to reserve your seat for the program. I'm in the FNP program and I got a call from someone asking if I was going to accept a spot and if I would be attending the orientation. I never received the original email that got sent out, it may have went to my junk email. Luckily I got a call and I accepted my spot and registered for orientation.
  2. Meganhuckabay1

    TWU FALL 2019 FNP

    I completely agree!! I could not do bedside forever, its hard work. Good luck to you too!!!
  3. Meganhuckabay1

    TWU FALL 2019 FNP

    Thats awesome, most of the people I know went thru UTA. I don't really know much about the TWU program so thats reassuring! And yes lets keep in touch! I have a little over a year of nursing experience, hopefully thats enough!!! How about yourself?
  4. Meganhuckabay1

    TWU FALL 2019 FNP

    Hi Luchy! My status says "awaiting dept review" as well. I applied sometime around the end of December/early January. My BSN gpa is currently a 3.85 but I am also finishing up my final semester with my bsn too! I just applied to the Dallas campus! How about yourself? Have you heard anything about the program from other people?
  5. Meganhuckabay1

    TWU FALL 2019 FNP

    Hey guys I was going to go ahead and start a Fall 2019 TWU FNP page! I applied to the Dallas campus!!!
  6. Meganhuckabay1

    Texas Tech RN to BSN FALL 2018

    I signed up for the 2 semester program!

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