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  1. brai9284

    Dangerous assignments

    Hello, I would just like a little insight from a non biased group. I am currently an assistant manager on a busy labor unit. Higher ups in our organization have been pushing for more inductions and telling us we cannot refuse them even if we do not have the bed space for them. It’s making for some very unhappy staff and unsafe assignments. I feel very stuck in the middle. Employees upset(rightly so) and upper management pushing it too far. I’m at the point that I want to just leave but I’m feeling guilty. I have 2 young children at home and don’t want to spend every day to cover staffing holes due to too many patients. Should I stay and hope it gets better or leave and find a better option? thanks
  2. brai9284

    Employee help...services?

    I work on a L&D unit that has antepartum patients that may stay long term. Our newest patient (who is also an employee at our hospital- housekeeping) is bleeding and may stay for a while. She is stressing out because she is the primary breadwinner at home and doesn't know how she will be able to pay their bills or watch their children. Her husband just started a new job and cannot take time off from this job. She also watches her other children when not working. She's already been cut down in hours due to the bleeding and now may have to go on bedrest. . To top it off one of her other children has leukemia and other issues. So I'm looking for programs or agencies that can help for situations like this. If anyone has any ideas on what we could do for this patient...please let us know! Thanks!
  3. brai9284

    UPMC ICU jobs ?

    I believe upmc hamot is hiring with their ICUs. It does take a while to get hired...calling the unit manager will help you get in.
  4. brai9284

    Guilty feelings??

    Hello all! I rarely post but I do read on the site often. I was wondering if anyone has ever been in this situation. Some background---I work on a very challenging tele med/surg floor with a step down unit. I've been on the floor for about 5 years now and dearly love most of my co-workers. The patients and demands can be difficult. We've recently had about 5 nurses quit. Im currently on maternity leave and due to come back to work in about 3 weeks. During maternity leave I decided to apply for a job in labor and delivery. The nurses were so much happier! I finally got a call for an interview. I feel guilty now for even considering leaving my original floor. Has anyone else ever felt guilty about leaving a job?
  5. Hello....long time reader and hardly ever poster. I'm facing a dilemma on what exactly I should do. I am approaching maternity leave here next month...for about 12 weeks. I have been wanting for some time to transfer to another unit in my hospital for a different experience/easier floor. I'm unsure if I should apply before maternity leave, during, or after. Currently there are a couple of openings in a few different departments and I would hate to miss out on them. Any advice?
  6. When we send people off the floor for tests...generally in the different departments there are not RNs..usually techs that run the tests. We would never get anything done if we had to call a report to the department they are going to. It was on radiology to call the rapid response or code.