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  1. I just had surgery and now I don't think I have what it takes

    :-) I really enjoyed reading your advice to op. It was similar to a motivational speaker moment.
  2. Those Who are Deciding on Expensive Schools

    P.S yes my sister had mediocre grades and gpa, she didn't want to go to college but was pushed by my mom, they hadn't shop around for schools. They were bamboozled and sold a lot of bull. A lot of people fall into the trap because of desperation and ...
  3. Those Who are Deciding on Expensive Schools

    Yes! I saw nursing students at my sister's school. I was like why???? They're taking my stubborn sister to the cleaners because she can only have two classes at a time because her loans don't cover for any more classes plus she gets financial aid. S...
  4. Failed Nursing School

    Op, I'm sorry to hear of your recent failures. But don't give up! You are one year older than me, I'm 21, we have our whole life ahead of us. There's so many great advice on your thread please read them all. I feel you have a sense of hopelessness an...
  5. Those trying to decide on LPN or RN

    Great advice! Keep them coming.
  6. Those Who are Deciding on Expensive Schools

    Yes, I'm a prenursing student and I tell my friends all the time to avoid expensive nursing schools. My sister major is criminal justice and she goes to Devry..... Who knows how much she will be in debt once she graduate. Just seeing her in that type...
  7. Stanford Rape

    Waves hands.........
  8. Stanford Rape

    He's using his religion as a weapon against rape victims. I don't care how you perceive my post. No one talked about his religion until he brought it up and shoved it in these people face. Nothing he said was in the context of an adult. Save me with ...
  9. Stanford Rape

    Troll be quiet and be gone. You're annoying and no one agrees with you. You are a fake Christian who have the nerve to thump your damn bible. If this is how you really think, you are surely a vile loser!
  10. Stanford Rape

    He really seems like a troll. When was his account created?
  11. Stanford Rape

    Sorry, sorry. Oh look! A FAKE Christian being a bible thumper towards someone else.... How cute? Cue eye roll. -There I fixed it for you.
  12. Stanford Rape

    What can men do to prevent rape, oh great one? You've used you wisdom on here to tell us how women can reduce or even eliminate her chances of getting rape, how about you share your wisdom with the men on this forum to get rid of their chances of rap...
  13. Stanford Rape

    Seriously... You win comment of the century award!! There's loads of great comments on here but yours hit the nail right on the head. I just don't have energy for this guy. According to him, some rapes are okay and are the victims/survivors fault and...
  14. Stanford Rape

    Oh, look! A religious person. (Quo eye roll)
  15. Stanford Rape

    Do NOT make this a ethnicity discussion. I hate when people like you do this. I'm losing an argument so let me those out black men and black women in my favor to win some brownie points. I'm going to assume, the victim is a white woman, the RAPIST is...