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  1. Graduated in 2008 but never took my nclex

    I would definitely research a good nursing refresher course in your area and take it. Your nursing board should have a list of eligible programs.
  2. UMSON Fall 2016 BSN-DNP

    I am BSN to DNP as well. I was told that advisor information and registration would be provided at orientation. I am sure we will hear back soon. Hopefully before then.
  3. How to determine JP drainage color

    Sanguineous is bloody, serosanguinous is blood mixed with serous drainage (more watered down bloody/ more pinkish in color) and serous drainage is usually clear yellowish or straw colored fluid. Purulent drainage is pus - thicker/ more transluscent t...
  4. REAL minimum GPA for Grad school

    Most graduate programs I researched consider a gpa above 3.3. 3.4 or 3.5 can certainly get you into grad school. Focus on maintaining the highest gpa you can while obtaining your bsn, then you can worry about getting into grad school later.
  5. Denied shift change position

    Umm, like pp said i have never heard of interviews for switching to day shift! How it usually works is all nurses are notified and the most senior nurse who applies gets it. Eventually, and in time, everyone gets a turn. There seems to be some manip...
  6. Any nurses dealing with a personal terminal illness?

    Sending huge hugs and prayers your way. I am so sorry dear. You sound like a pillar of strength for your family. God bless and keep you. You can always PM me if you need prayer for anything specific or just to talk.
  7. Sentinel event

    I commend you for wanting to improve your practuce. Here are a few important notes i can think of: Try to never give a medication without scanning the patient ID band and medication first. This is an airtight way to verify your med 'rights' - espec...
  8. Grad in May + IHS obligation + 5 year old

    MickeyJ I sent you a private message with contact info of people who can give you more specific information about IHS locations and positions
  9. Grad in May + IHS obligation + 5 year old

    I found an IHS nurse recruiter contact on one of the usajobs postings for an IHS outpatient clinical nurse - FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT NURSE RECRUITER:* Myra Cousens at 505-726-8549 or*;*ALTERNATES:* Supervisory Clinical Nurses...
  10. Grad in May + IHS obligation + 5 year old

    Are you willing to move to any state? I would start looking at Run a search for RN IHS and see. Another way to go about this is to contact the US Public Health Service and speak with one of their nurse recruiters. They may be able to gui...
  11. Bed Baths

    The fact that you are asking this question and wanting to do better speaks volumes! With time and practice you will perfect the art of bed bathing and be able to finish more quickly. The general sequence I follow is to first prep my roll of my fitted...
  12. Get a good stethoscope and practise your assessments and vitals on family members. Also get a nursing handbook/notebook specific for the area you are going into and review. Carry with you to work and dont be afraid to refer to it and ask tons of ques...
  13. UMSON Fall 2016 BSN-DNP

    Congrats Sheila023! It may take a few days for your status to be updated and for an email to be sent to you. Your formal admission letter and confirmation form will be attached to the email and they give you 2 weeks from thw date on the letter to pa...
  14. Another reason unions suck!

    Thank you Rnkaytee! We have a nurses union and I love all the benefits we have won over the years through our union. In our facility there are general union guidelines on sheduling and vacation time but each unit gets to decide more specifically how ...
  15. Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Herring-rn our hospital was actually one of the only hospitals that did not declare a snow emergency unfortunately. Many nurses made sure to show up early and stayed there for days and they were repaid with food & linen shortages, no transport pr...