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  1. Hospice: What You Don't Know Can Hurt

    Hospice is so wonderful. My mother had hospice at the end of her life. I could not have given her the care she received with out their help. I will always be thankful for Hospice.
  2. I Love Night Shift

    Night Shift is Great
  3. Reasons patients turn on their call light

    I have had found that sitting down and spending a few min with a patient that is a frequent abuser of the call light really helps. When I make my rounds during shift report I try to reassure each patient that I want to do everything possible to assis...
  4. The timing of this posting is so appropriate for me. I was transfered from hospital last night to acute rehab. I have been dealing with Primary Progressive MS for past 4 years . I worked as LVN for 33 years prior to that. Being a patient and having ...
  5. Amber Does the Unthinkable

    You sound like some one that never has worked i a ED . Amber should be supported by all nurses
  6. Hospice: What You Don't Know Can Hurt

    Hospice is a service that really helps both the patient and the family. Hospice helped me care for my mother. I no longer had to take her to see the doctor and medications were delivered to the house along with dressing supplies and every thing neede...
  7. The mass killing in Orlando was a great loss. The LBGT community has lost so many to hate. I have been told that gun control will never happen because the NRA is to rich and powerful and that gun control is not the answer. Mental illness is the cause...
  8. Am I too old to be an RN.... or should I just stay an LPN?

    I was not able to go back to school until I was in my 50's to get RN from LVN and made the mistake of thinking I was too old. Big mistake. If I had got my RN I would still be able to work. I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS when I was 60 and...
  9. Nursing vs. EMR: Win, Lose or Draw?

    I loved the Computer system at the hospital where I worked. I always hated writing and trying to read others written notes. Just as I retired a new more complex system was put into use. The doctors orders were input by the physicians and that alone w...
  10. 40 yr old with GED. Is a MSN even possible?

    I have seen people in their 70's getting their masters degrees . Yes nursing is difficult but you can do it. Good luck
  11. "I do the same thing as an RN"

    The hospital I worked at for 33 years has phased out the LVN's . I was so glad to get to retire before I was told at age 60 to find a new job.
  12. Just Curious... Retirement

    I retired at 60 I was limping and using electric computer cart as a walker for about 6 months. I fell and broke my right ankle and was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I had worked 33 years at a 300 bed hospital.
  13. How do you leave it at work?

    Newbie RN you did a good job. You called a rapid response and got you patient to the ICU congrtas on being a good nurse.
  14. My first night shift... help!

    I worked 7pm to 7;30 AM FOR 20 YRS. I stayed awake until 2am and slept for 2am untill 8am then slept again from 1pm until 6pm . I had every thing ready for work before lying down and had dinner ready in advance. Then after first night shift I went to...
  15. What nursing task do you loathe???

    Things like starting IV's and colostomy bag changes ,that are difficult. I became very good at because I thought of it as a challenge and the patients were given better care.