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  1. The 6th floor has three wings: ortho/rehab; neuroscience; and surgical.
  2. Be prepared for behavioral-based questions (i.e. Tell me an example of when...). Definitely know about the hospital, the new grad program, and the unit you are applying to. In addition, be prepared for a written portion (critical thinking scenario questions) after the verbal interview. Good luck!
  3. I interviewed for the 7th floor on January 16th and received an offer January 25. Did anyone else receive offers? I'd love to get to know others who will be part of the new grad cohort!
  4. efh1995

    StaRN Residency Program

    Are there specific cohort start dates or do you apply once you have passed your NCLEX and are then added when you are hired on?
  5. efh1995

    Platt College and ACC Nursing pathway

    Hi everyone, I am about to graduate from Platt at the end of the month and am happy to answer any questions you may have. They absolutely put a strong emphasis on your TEAS scores and on your essay, so as mentioned above, put a lot of effort into both of those. Clinical placements depend on the size of your cohort. I had a particularly large cohort (about 25 people), so finding placements were at times difficult, and there were times that we had to complete hours in the simulation lab. It's not ideal, but many other programs will have the same problem because all of the schools in the area are competing for the same spots, and hospitals only have so much space.
  6. Hi everyone, I just thought I would start a thread for individuals applying to the new graduate nurse residency program at Children's Hospital Colorado for the March 2019 cohort. This can be a place to meet others, share which units you are applying for, and stay informed about the application process.
  7. efh1995

    Platt college nursing Aurora admissions process

    I also began at Platt in January 2016. I decided to apply last minute, so I did not have much time to study for the TEAS as the application deadline was quickly approaching, but luckily I scored well. I applied with absolutely no healthcare experience, and I believe my essay is what set me apart, so I would spend a lot of time perfecting that. I did transfer in nearly all of my prerequisite classes, but I would definitely include your military experience in your essay. For the most part, the clinical locations are decent. They include the major Denver hospitals are I have enjoyed all of my clinical rotations so far. For those applying I would say don't try too hard. Be yourself in the interview, show who you are in your essay, and score well on the TEAS. I would definitely recommend spending a majority of your time on the essay.
  8. efh1995

    Platt College 2016

    I have applied to Platt College for a January 2016 start and am wondering if anyone else has applied or attended. If you have attended, do you have any feedback? Most of the threads are years old, so any new information would be greatly appreciated!

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