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  1. irshnrse

    RN school and tattoos?

    Sally Hansen spray on hose, or something like that. But definitely Sally Hansen completely covered my 5 large tattoos while I was a bridesmaid this summer. It was amazing.
  2. Write yourself a memo... You are the type they are speaking about. I scored a 33 on my ACT test, you? I just chose to have a child and then CNA, ER tech, LPN, RN. This is why I worked in the PACU, under an anesthesiologist, and not under someone who loved to micromanage.
  3. irshnrse

    'Unhealthy' nurses...bad examples?

    I was actually speaking to the original nurse and the thin and beautiful one. I was not speaking to the posts just prior to mine. Thanks...
  4. irshnrse

    'Unhealthy' nurses...bad examples?

    Boy, I am sure glad you do not work hospice. You might find this hard to believe, but some of us are considerate smokers. I am amazed that someone that speaks like she is so judgemental is in the nursing profession. Some of my patients are in their deathbed at home, smoking a cigarette, and have floors that you cannot even see. I can only imagine what kind of support you would give them.
  5. irshnrse

    Ughhhhhh I'm being bullied at work.

    The hospital where I used to work had a great dept called "employee relations". They still were looking out for the hospital's best interest, but they knew when something was happening that they could end up being liable for. You are working in a hostile work environment. That is illegal. You do not have to file suit, but the documentation advice you have been given is right on the mark. Most places, if they hear someone utter "hostile work environment", will get right on the issue.
  6. irshnrse

    DNR/I pts with multiple tests

    That is why DNR/advance directives are not working. The key here is that the sister is selfishly going against her family member's wishes. That is why I tell people to make sure their power-of-attorney, or health care proxy, knows what they want and will be strong enough to follow through. How said for that poor gentleman. I will be thinking of him. I do not believe people should have to suffer like that.
  7. irshnrse

    Share what helps you get through gross situations!

    A good sense of humor always helps me!
  8. irshnrse

    Took NCLEX PN---not sure if i passed

    I'm sure you did fine. EVERYONE feels that way!!
  9. irshnrse

    Group One background checks in Texas

    Hey- Drive a little bit and come to Oklahoma!! We have great sign-ons and plenty of specialty hospitals with good patient-nurse ratios. Our nursing board isn't like Hitler (although they are slow as molasses) and we have some great cities.
  10. irshnrse

    "GROUP ONE" victims

    What is GROUP 1?
  11. irshnrse


    At my hospital, we have suction available at every bedside. The patient is not charged unless we use it. I am a firm believer that suction should be within arms reach at all times.
  12. irshnrse

    irrigating a foley catheter

    Sorry, one more thing. I always tell the patient that they are going to feel ALOT of pressure when I irrigate but to take slow deep breaths and that I am going to take that pressure away as well. That seems to help. A B&O suppository helps too. (belladona and opium)
  13. irshnrse

    irrigating a foley catheter

    Also--turn off the CBI while irrigating that way it is easier to tell if you are getting back the saline you put in.
  14. irshnrse

    irrigating a foley catheter

    Hey- You disconnect from the lumen that is connected to the foley drainage bag. Use an irrigation set. Be sure to pinch off the lumen as it will leak. Irrigate and pull back-make sure you are getting all your saline back. It is completely normal to see clots and tissue. Manual irrigation is just as important as CBI. The CBI can be running and and masquerade as urine in the bag when it is just irrigation. The patient can be clotted of the whole time. Good luck.
  15. irshnrse

    Technique in recharging JP drains

    I strip the tubing and then fold them flat. All the surgeons I work with fold them flat as well.
  16. irshnrse

    Can I get an R/N job in Texas with a felony conviction?

    Most states will grant you a hearing before you go to school, or attempt to take your boards, to determine your eligibility. I completely agree with the previous post that, before you go to school, find out. That could be a long hard road for naught.