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  1. How do cases qualify for skilled nursing?

    IDK how insurance judges need for private nursing. I've recently returned to private duty after a long break and there definitely seems to be a big increase in low acuity cases. Low acuity used to mean GT/seizures at the least, now low acuity typical...
  2. Maxim Healthcare- competency/skills assessment?

    I stopped working with maxim a few months ago, but the comps they did were easy. The manager would demonstrate the skill and then we each did it. There were only like 3 skills mickey button replacement, straight cath (with no sterile field), and they...
  3. I last worked PDN about 5 years ago. I recently started back with it and I've noticed a new thing "meet and greets". Years ago it seemed custom to either just accept a case outright if it was low acuity or orient for a few hours with a nurse and if e...
  4. Burnout or Boredom?

    I was the only nurse on a case for 5 years. My hours were Monday-Friday 8-4p, but the family had 16 hours a day x7. Slowly, they started asking more and more from me. Could I cover Saturday, cover Sunday, could stay until 7p, could I came at 6a. I st...
  5. How do you stand the boredom?

    Just a vent... I've been doing PDN for about a year and I have 2 main cases split between the week and I've covered TONS of cases over the year. I'm feeling down on myself because I haven't been to a single case that I really liked... Theres just TOO...