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    Anyone attend the Kirkwood Nursing program?

    Sadly, I have to agree with the above. I had a very difficult time with their program for identical reasons; apathetic staff, shifting/vague expectations, inconsistent application of standards, more concerned with preaching nursing dogma than direct patient care (nurses are benevolent angels/doctors are bumbling fools, etc). The instructors have paper-thin resumes. Lots of letters behind their names, sure, but that just means they've spent their nursing careers hiding behind a desk and writing term papers. One of my clinical instructors stated one day that she had never performed chest compressions on an actual person nor had she participated in a live intubation! That's insane! I was warned to save my money and go elsewhere but like an idiot I gave it a shot and wasted a year of my life. In the end I transferred to another program in the state and passed with flying colors.