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EmxoRenee has 1 years experience and specializes in PICU.

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  1. EmxoRenee

    Weight Loss for Nurses

    Hello all, Im looking for a weight loss group specifically for nurses! I'm a new nurse, and have already gained about 10 pounds. I've tried meal planning, but even when I try to plan ahead, I find myself so hungry by the end of my 12 hour shifts that I come home and then just devour my entire pantry. I'm also struggling with energy. I'm so exhausted after work that I just come home and crash, and even on my days off, find myself just lying on the couch all day. Any recommendations for support groups or weight loss programs specifically for nurses would be super helpful! I want to turn this around quickly and be a healthy example for the kiddos who are my patients!
  2. EmxoRenee

    Staying Healthy as a New Nurse

    I try to eat healthy and exercise, but as a brand new nurse, I'm finding this schedule super challenging to work with! When I work 12 hours, and have just a 30 minute lunch break during the day, by the time I get home at night I'm starving, and just eat everything in sight! I know this is not healthy. How do y'all do your meals during 12 hour shifts and what do you eat in the evening then when you get home? What does a typica day of eating during a 12 hour shift look like for you? I'm trying to avoid gaining weight and also fatigue during long shifts! I want to be healthy so I can care for my patients the best I can :) Thanks for any ideas!
  3. EmxoRenee

    Tips for a New PICU Nurse

    I passed my boards several weeks ago, and I begin orientation for a new position as a nurse in a PICU this Monday. My first week will be all classroom based orientation, I believe, and then I hit the unit running the following week! I am beyond excited, as this is my dream position, but also very nervous! Does anyone have any helpful tips for a new grad PICU nurse? Either things that you encourage doing, or things that can be annoying when new nurses do, that I should try to avoid? Thanks for any tips!
  4. EmxoRenee

    Personal Malpractice Insurance

    Hello, I am a brand new nurse. I was told by many instructors throughout school, as well as some friends who are nurses, that it is wise to get your own liability/malpractice insurance as a nurse. I was wondering how one goes about finding a reputable company to do this with? I have searched the internet, but would rather have recommendations from nurses who have their own malpractice insurance. Thank you!
  5. EmxoRenee

    Pre-Employment Physical Attire

    Hello All, I have my pre-employment physical with employee health and HR for my first nursing job this coming Monday! I'm excited, but also a bit nervous, as I'm not sure exactly what to expect. What is usually included in these appointments? Also, she told me to dress comfortably because some bending and lifting is required. I will be getting my picture for my badge taken at this time, so I want to look nice, too! What would you all consider appropriate "comfortable" attire to wear to this appointment? Thanks for any ideas!
  6. EmxoRenee

    Help with Quality Improvement

    Thank you for responding! Yes, I will use supplies from our practice lab to set up a picture. After someone above mentioned that taking a photo at work could potentially get nurses in trouble, I think the best option would be to just stage a picture. I don't want anyone to get in trouble! Thank you for the idea! :)
  7. EmxoRenee

    Help with Quality Improvement

    Thanks for your response! I'm actually not currently working. I didn't realize it would be incriminating anyone to take a picture of extra supplies people left laying on a table in the break room or had in their Scrubs pocket. I certainly don't want anyone to get in trouble! We have a lot of graphs and charts and such, so we were just looking for something a bit more visual, like pictures, to add to our board. But if it will potentially get anyone in trouble, I can just go in the practice nursing lab at school and lay some supplies out there and take a picture! Thank you again for taking the time to respond And for your valuable input and feedback! It's very appreciated :)
  8. EmxoRenee

    Help with Quality Improvement

    Hello, My group in nursing school is doing a project on Quality Improvement involving all of the medical supplies nurse's accidentally waste by placing them in their pockets, and then forgetting and taking them home at the end of the day. We are making a poster for our presentation, and need some pictures to put on it. If any of you currently work in hospitals or LTC, could you perhaps get some pictures of all of the nursing supplies, such as tape, alcohol swabs, gauze, saline flushes, etc in your scrubs pockets or lying on the table in the break room and post them or email them to me? We've tried google image searches and can't seem to find this kind of picture! I appreciate any help, and any pictures sent, you will remain completely anonymous! Thank you :)
  9. EmxoRenee

    Protonix & CHF

    Thank so much for your response!
  10. EmxoRenee

    Protonix & CHF

    Hello, I am working on a case study for nursing school (I'm sure you all remember how much fun those case studies are!) and have run across a medication order that confuses me a bit. In our case study, our patient has a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) due to arteriosclerosis and hypertension. She has an order for Protonix 40 mg/100 ml D5W q d. I know that Protonix is a proton-pump inhibitor often used for patients with GERD. Our patient in this case study has no mention of any history of GERD. I am wondering why a patient with no history of GERD would be ordered to take Protonix. I have tried looking in my med-surg textbook, and in powerpoint presentations we were given to look over for CHF, but can't seem to find an explanation. The only thing I can come up with is perhaps they have her on it prophylactically to prevent any kind of heartburn/upper GI pain that the patient could mistakenly report as chest pain? Do I seem to be on the right track with my thinking, or did I completely miss the mark? Anyone who works with CHF patients and has seen this before that has a good explanation for this type of order would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  11. EmxoRenee

    EKG Rhythm Interpretation

    I'm in my third semester of nursing school, and trying to learn EKG interpretation. I understand measuring the intervals and complexes and idenfying if P QRS and T and present. In lab, it all made so much sense! Now, I'm at home with a practice worksheet where we are supposed to determine the rhythm by looking at strips. I do fine with the Sinus rhythms, but I'm getting majorly tripped up on all of the abnormal rhythms! I've tried looking at study guides we were given and notes I took in lab, but I'm in way over my head! My issue is that none of the practice strips look like the "typical" examples we looked at in lab for the abnormal rhythms! Does anyone have any tips for interpreting which abnormal rhythm I'm looking at? Also, any good tips for determing if ST elevation is present? Any resources you've found that help or any tricks you've learned along the way would be greatly appreciated, because right now I'm overwhelmed and it's making me a little nervous to eventually be out on the floor trying to interpret my patient's heart rhythm! Thank you so much! -Emily
  12. EmxoRenee

    Med-surge Studying Help

    Hello, This is my first semester of med-surge, and I find I'm having a hard time studying the vast amount of information I need to know and making it stick. We always have two or three big topics, and then 5-6 exemplars for each. So for example, one topic we're doing right now is inflammation, and then we also have to learn about specific diseases that fall into that diagnosis, such as ulcerative colitis, crohn's, hepatitis A,B,&C, cholecystitis, etc. I've made myself color coded study guides, and I read through them all several times daily, but I just feel like I'm having a hard time getting the information to stick! I'll read and then be like....what did I just read?! It's so frustrating! Does anyone have any ideas or tips that helped you to study for med-surge in a way that really helped the information stick?! Thanks :)
  13. EmxoRenee

    Nursing Technology Questions

    The cafeteria is an awesome idea! I didn't even think of that. Or, even better the coffee shop in the hospital...there are ALWAYS nurses around there ! Thanks for the idea, AliNajaCat!
  14. EmxoRenee

    Nursing Technology Questions

    Missnurse01, thank you so much for your responses! I really appreciate you taking the time to share all of that with me! I can't even imagine not having everything be electronic lol. I guess since I am just starting out, this is just what I'm used to! I can definitely see where it would be super time consuming to have to do things manually and chart everything on paper! It's awesome how far technology's has come to allow more time for patient care! :) Again, thanks for your responses! Have a great weekend :)
  15. EmxoRenee

    Nursing Technology Questions

    AliNajaCat, I attempted to interview a couple of the nurses on the unit I'm on for clinicals, but they've been having staffing issues lately, and have been understaffed. The nurses there have each had about 6-7 patients, and are hustling just to get every one taken care of. They didn't really have time to answer these kinds of questions, unfortunately. I have a couple nurses in my family who I've asked, but I just wanted to get a few more perspectives, since everyone seems to have slightly different answers
  16. EmxoRenee

    Nursing Technology Questions

    Hello all, I'm a nursing student, and in one of my nursing classes, we are discussing how nurses use technology on their units, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of it. I am supposed to ask several nurses some questions, and then write a short paper based on their responses. If any of you lovely nurses who are currently working would like to answer one, a couple, or all of these questions, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you in advance! When it comes to technology on your unit/in your workplace 1. What do you like and dislike? 2. What data are missing that you would like to have? 3. How are data presented in the system (e.g., text, graphics, and pictures)? 4. Are patient-educational materials available? 5. Are the hospital's policies and procedures available online? 6. Can nurses access the World Wide Web and library databases from their workstations? 7. Are online textbook references available? 8. How many computers are provided on a particular unit? Is this a sufficient number?

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