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  1. Zedrek

    Spiritual Care and Nursing: How Does This Work?

    Working in a psychiatric inpatient unit I see religion come up from time to time with my patients. I've prayed with my patients and talked with them about God. Pretty ironic considering that I am an atheist. Haven't been struck by lightning yet.
  2. Zedrek

    I Don't Want to Stick a Patient

    My first IM injection was on a patient in a state forensic psychiatric hospital when I was a psychiatric technician student. I was pretty nervous since the patient was being released from 4 point restraints and was due for his Haldol Dec shot. My friend tried his best to "calm" my nerves by informing me that the patient was going to hit me. I gave the shot in the right buttock and prepared to get hit and then punch my friend for jinxing me. But, nothing. Patient stated that he didn't even feel it. I was relieved, punched my friend anyways, and went on to give hundreds of shots in the prison system that produced varying results of "didn't feel a thing" to "oh my God, I'm going to pass out in spite of being a hard core gang banger with tats covering 90% of my body".
  3. Zedrek

    Help! Scared. Is this really happening?!

  4. Zedrek

    News Flash Everybody Farts!

    I was thinking of this thread at work today when my lactose intolerance was violated with yummy cheese and I was feeling the effects about the same time a patient on my locked psychiatric inpatient unit was trying to break out and we were blocking the door. I should have just blasted him.
  5. A lot of facilities are trying to get rid of using restraint and seclusion altogether. Voluntary seclusion is so much better than forced for everyone involved. It's not good for the patient and I hate all the paperwork involved.
  6. Zedrek

    High amounts of flatulence in Psych

    I'm fairly immune to odors after so many years working psych but I do hear them roaring pretty often. I'm thinking that they just don't care and let them rip. Probably also a mixture of their diet and medications too.
  7. I would have to disagree with not reading up on their crimes. I was working at Atascadero State Hospital here in California and the story that I heard was that a patient once told a nurse that she reminded him of his daughter which sounds innocent enough unless you read his file and seen that he raped and killed his daughter. If you are going to hold their crimes against them then perhaps forensic nursing isn't a good fit. The two times that I've done CPR was on inmates at a prison I was working at. They were both child molesters. One lived and one died. My conscious was clean either way.
  8. Zedrek

    News Flash Everybody Farts!

    Am I the only one that just blames it on the patients?
  9. I met my wife at work which was very uncomfortable after she divorced me less than a year later. It was uncomfortable for me to see her be reminded of our good times and our bad. It was uncomfortable for coworkers that were friends with both of us. I'm not sure that I would say absolutely no workplace romance but remember that a divorce is way more painful when you have a constant reminder of that relationship.
  10. Zedrek

    Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    I think it's humorous or maybe just sad that people are so afraid of a concealed carrier accidentally shooting someone yet we rarely hear about such a thing happening in the news. There's already millions of permits out there in the United States but where are all the stories of the hordes of accidental shootings?
  11. Zedrek

    Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    I have no problem rendering first aid to whomever I shoot in self defense. Hehe.
  12. Zedrek

    Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    It might be wise for you to remember that when the Constitution was written a musket would have been the equivalent to an assault weapon at the time. That's fine if you wish to point out that the NRA is a shill for the gun industry. Bloomberg is a shill for the anti-gun industry. Oh, and you go ahead and call 911 for your active shooter. Maybe they'll be nice and patient when they see you are on the phone and stop shooting out of consideration of your conversation.
  13. Zedrek

    Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    Yes, you're ignorant to think that it's us in the nursing field or law abiding citizens that are the problem. I have many firearms and I have owned some for almost 20 years and they have never hurt anybody. Maybe we should all put are vehicles away and live life without them too? I've seen far more accidents with those than I have with firearms.
  14. Zedrek

    Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    I'm a gun nut because they interest me. For what it's worth I'm a book nut and a computer nut too. I never said that it makes me feel powerful to carry a gun and I hope to never have to use it. Same as I hope to never have to use my seatbelt or malpractice insurance but making sure you have either one of those doesn't help AFTER you need them. Your ignorance shows when you state that you are glad that my work veto's guns in a locked psych unit. Same reason that law enforcement has to disarm before entering. It's sad that you believe that rules and signs will protect you. Ignorance is bliss.........
  15. Zedrek

    Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    I'm a "gun nut" but I wouldn't want everyone I work with packing one. I think that it should be allowed if there is specific training involved and not just handed out to anyone that applies. I carry a concealed handgun when I'm not at work (I work in a locked psychiatric inpatient unit so I would never be able to carry there anyway) and I constantly train and practice.