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  1. Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    I hear the Force is strong with this one!
  2. Of course there would be comparable spreadsheets to ensure the fairest application of a BSN bonus. Some ways around the potential disparity between senior RN's and new BSN's might be a step implementation of bonus, i.e. BSN bonus would begin after on...
  3. Seems that to be fair, established nurses without BSN should be offered incentives to pursue BSN. They should not be fired. Unions should press this point. Any new hires should be BSN only. Any experienced nurses who choose not to pursue BSN should b...
  4. New to Camping-need help

    Here's a good universal outdoor reference: A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine and Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine.
  5. Becoming a paramedic as well as a trauma nurse?

    Be flexible. BSN is a solid program/degree. Can you take a semester/year leave from BSN to focus on a Paramedic program? Paramedic training/education would best be accomplished with a solid AA degree in science or the BSN. Remember that life takes m...
  6. where else do ER nurses go?

    By your reflection on your ER care, I'd say it sounds like you are burnt out, which is not a good place to practice nursing (in the ER). Change your scenery, ASAP. The unconscious patient specialties may be a good transition. Try the OR, this would w...
  7. Whenever you work with a complex phone system, try not to become overwhelmed. Instead, take the time to play! Call an ext., answer ext. and place on hold. Transfer to another ext. Mix it up. Best I have found is to seek a competent clerk and ask for...
  8. Quicken your math mind

    As a nurse attempting to change field/job, where does one go to brush up on specialty area specific math problems?
  9. Another reason unions suck!

    Your complaint is based on your employer's vacation policy. It is not a union specific policy. Every employer will have some sort of vacation policy, whether it is under City, County, State or local direction will drive it's parameters. Unions negoti...
  10. I see nit picking written all over this to comply with performance measures. And, the airline industry reference needs explanation. There is a TED talk addressing this topic, however it is meant to highlight the necessity of checklists in communicati...
  11. HIPAA dilemma

    What a shame. Truly. HIPAA is our fallback for patient's rights. Common sense should have prevailed for all staff. Unfortunately for the staff, administrators, and hospital owners, heads roll uphill when HIPAA is violated. Hope the patient can keep h...
  12. The team approach is a solid tactic. No more Good cop, Bad cop practices.
  13. School Nurse Lifehacks!

    Ice packs - commercially made - disappear easily. So, whatever you can prepare in the freezer ahead of time is smart. Having access to an ice machine is also a wonder. Mini zip lock bags prepped in the freezer with water mixed with soap or rubbing al...
  14. Shadowing

    Which hospital agencies or other nursing sites allow an RN to shadow in order to experience the culture and job details prior to applying for a job there? I'd really like to meet and ask informational questions of the current staff.
  15. New Grad Interviews - What should I take?

    You are on the right track. Condensed transcripts, copied and submitted per their requirement sounds like an HR or particular manager's request. Most won't look deeply into them, but I like the point that if the GPA is lower, than do not include. Doe...