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  1. marimiccib

    Moving to Houston Texas - RN

    I will be moving to Houston, TX in the summer. I was wondering if anyone could give any insight on the downtown/midtown Houston hospitals. Their pay scale, amount of weekend shifts required, if there are techs, nurse/pt ratio. Thanks!
  2. marimiccib

    Relocation to Nashville, TN

    Does anyone in the Nashville area know how many weekends per month St. Thomas or Centennial require their nurses to work? I know some hospitals require their nurses to work one weekend per month while others require 3 weekend days per month. Just curious. Thanks!
  3. marimiccib

    Salary for a new nurse in Nashville

    Does anyone know how many weekends per month nurses work at St. Thomas and Centennial?
  4. marimiccib

    UAB AMNP 2016

    Hey guys! I've been waiting to find an AMNP 2016 forum, so I'm glad someone made one. I have an interview November 4th. Good luck to everyone!!