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    Hello I am a 25 year old nurse working in a OR for three months so far. They didn't give me too much information on the importance on lead and how to wear it and so for the first three months I would go into rooms with no lead skirts and my back would be exposed and sometimes there was no thyroid collar. What do you think are my chances of intefiltiy thus far...also they have no given me a radiation badge
  2. Hey I got my fingerprints done by accurate biometrics in may 2017 passed my boards last week and was wondering how do you know if the state rejected your fingerprints
  3. nurss233

    Tuition reimbursement

    I just passed my nclex and was wondering if you guys know of any hospitals aside from U of C and northwestern that give tuition reimbursement?
  4. nurss233

    Nclex exam research survey

    Hello, so so I was taking my nclex and the exam had stopped and 79 questions then it said something about a 30 minute research survey. The first question on this survey had nclex style question. I raised my hand as the coordinator came over and told me this wasn't mandatory to do and hit end on my exam which was ok. Then I proceeded to take another survey for Pearson asking me basic demographic info. I was afraid because I didn't know if he ended my actual nclex exam? The first question of the survey was numbered 79