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  1. Hi, i've been involved in judo and the likes lately, and I've seen some painful things. I was wondering if someone could recommend me a book to study orthopedic/athletic injuries? I can do RICE and advice an ER visit :) I'd like to be able to better...
  2. I harmed my first patient today.

    This happens. Could be someone did some damage placing the foley... I've had several patients pull them out with the balloon still inflated. Some people are just tough and/or delirious. This might be a language thing (I'm not from the US), but why is...
  3. Have any of your patients ever told you that you're a good nurse?

    I heard from a floor nurse that a patient told her she had a good nurse in the PACU, because I believed her when she said in how much pain she was (hemicolectomy with PCEA not working). I was happy to hear that, as it was quite tough taking care of t...
  4. Interesting comment about the balloon, I hadn't heard that before. Where I work, it is common practice to deflate the balloon (1 or 2 ml) when the patient complains of cramps/pain (and give Vesicare). I was told this reduces irritation of the bladder...
  5. Worried about phenergan IV push

    My guess is that muscles have bigger blood vessels, so it gets absorbed relatively quickly. SC injection or extravasation leaves a big pool of nasty just hanging around because absoroption rate is slower, so it has more time to do some damage. I have...
  6. ICU Nurses - IV Carrier Rate for Infusing Pressors

    Pressors on a seperate lumen.
  7. New MICU Nurse

    I like Diepenbrock's Quick reference to critical care, which is exactly what the title says it is. Portable so you can use it at work and it seems to contain just the information I need when looking something up. It's not the study book you're lookin...
  8. Do you stalk anyone here?

    No, but I do stalk a colleague
  9. I learned that paradoxical bradycardia when you give too little atropine is a very real thing.
  10. OR or ICU rotation

    Go to the ICU, unless you're certain you want to work in the OR. It takes more than a few weeks to get it, to really understand what's going on (in my experience, after rotation and working in the OR for about a year) and you probably won't be allowe...
  11. I don't understand this multiple choice question.

    It might also help to remember that your BP is one of the last things that will change. Your body will compensate a whole lot of bad things before your BP drops to the level of uh oh.
  12. I never even questioned the fact that I clean things up as best as I can before I give them a call. Perhaps I'm naive. It takes 30 seconds to put on gloves and reach for the paper towels... Now let's talk about the real cleaning, projectile vomiting ...
  13. What do you eat in the morning?

    Oats oats oats Rolled oats with banana and yoghurt, I don't leave it overnight, I mix it first thing when I get out of bed. Add some nuts, chia seeds... Grind oats in the blender until powdered, add milk, banana, peanut butter and chocolate powder. G...
  14. Book recommendations for new PACU nurse?

    Thanks for the recommendation. I've started reading in Drain's... It certainly covers a lot of ground. I also like this one that I found: Fiches techniques en salle de surveillance post-interventionnelle: surveillance anesthésique et chirurgicale du...
  15. I hate my job/career

    I'm working my last few weeks on my current job, so I can relate. Different environment, different reasons, but still... The job gets to you and even at home you're becoming a different person... One thing I learned from all of this is don't make dra...