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  1. Waiting is so hard
  2. Interesting, well I'm sure we'll all do fine. I feel as though the questions will be extremely general and nothing too difficult. That's the hope anyway.
  3. Ah my previous post didn't post. But thanks for posting the link! I wouldn't have been able to go anyway with work. However, I am curious as to why they would send some students mock interview sign up links and not everyone that applied? I'm also int...
  4. Hi! I've also applied for the Fall 2017 cycle. Is it still possible to sign up for the mock interviews? It'd be incredibly helpful.
  5. Did anyone from the waitlist get contacted yet? This sucks :/ For my job, I was asked if I could stay full time for another year but I've been dragging on that because of this waitlist, sighs.
  6. Has anyone from the waitlist heard back?
  7. I was talking to someone who was wait-listed last year and found out that UIC doesn't even send you a courtesy email to let you know when/if all the spots are filled, or if they're moving through the wait-list like rush does. They only contact you if...
  8. For the people who got accepted, what was the deadline they gave you to accept/decline your spot?
  9. Wait I didn't realize you could see your financial aid decisions already, I know it's a silly question but could you post the link? And congratulations on the acceptances! I went to uic undergrad and this is so typical of them in terms of untimely re...
  10. Haha I've also been checking anxiously, they might not send it out til Friday. But hey, at least we're all miserable together?
  11. Did anyone receive any emails yet? :/
  12. Just checked my app too and says wait-listed on mine too. They really should've e-mailed us especially since it's been so long since the interviews.
  13. Congratulations on getting accepted! It sucks to have such a dilemma, but getting in somewhere is better than nowhere.
  14. Rush University GEM Spring 2016

    Ah sorry to hear that, I had no idea they had ranked and unranked waitlists. Private schools are notorious for doing so, if I'm not mistake Rush has a ranked waitlist as high as 50 :/ I received another updated e-mail "At this time the waitlist has ...
  15. Rush University GEM Spring 2016

    I was wait listed as well but I did receive a ranking for the list. They also sent out an updated ranking on Oct 16th, which was the day after the acceptance deadline. I moved up by a couple slots on the list so there's still hope! Did you guys rece...