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  1. Hello, I am a recently graduated PMHNP student and a preceptor from my last semester of school has offered me a "residency" wherein I will be doing all the things I did while precepting, but I will get paid. He has offered this as a bridge until I take my certification exam and my credentialing is complete. I am not prescribing medications nor diagnosing patients, but I would be meeting with patients, and compiling a note of the session which he would then sign off on. He has an independent practice and is a board-certified PHMNP with collaborating physicians. Does anyone know if this would be legal/allowed??
  2. I applied to the program today. Any information or experiences you've had with the program so far that you could share?
  3. KitRN33

    Choosing PMHNP program

    Hi there! I just applied to Wilkes psych nurse practitioner program today, and was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. Is there a way to direct message on this forum?
  4. KitRN33

    Psych RN job in Pittsburgh

    Hello, I am a new nurse, and just recently passed my boards this fall. I have a previous bachelors degree in psychology and a masters in public health. My fiance works in Pittsburgh, so I have begun my search, but I feel overwhelmed and am uncertain how to narrow my search. Does anyone know of or recommend any psych hospitals/clinics in the Pittsburgh area that are hiring new nurses? I am open to most anything, but would prefer to do outpatient services or work somewhere that had mostly regular, daylight hours. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
  5. KitRN33

    Psychiatric Nursing Certification

    Where did you practice? Was it at a clinic or hospital? I am moving to the Pittsburgh area as a psychiatric nurse, and would love to continue to learn and grow as a nurse in the adult sector. Any suggestions as to where I should look at, to apply??

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