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    How to get into the Diabetes education

    Does the teaching count if you are putting on classes for free? I thought the 1000 hrs had to be paid hours. Is that correct?
  2. erinj823

    Nurses with Narcolepsy

    Im so glad I found a forum for nurses like me with narcolepsy. I have had excessive daytime sleepiness my whole life. I would constantly be late to school because I sleep through my alarm, fall alseep in class etc. during high school. In nursing school, I would fall asleep studying and have to read the same paragraph over and over again. I found it easier to pay attention by engaging my brain with highlighting, recopying notes, making powerpoints and note cards, and attending studdy groups. I managed to graduate with all As and Bs and get my ADN and RN in 08. I lost a desk job before for falling asleep at my desk. Ive been in a minor fender bender bc i had a microsleep at the wheel. After that, I worked as a nursery nurse for 5 years, 8 hr shifts, then 12s. I did nights which weren't bad till I had my daughter. Then I was so exhausted when I feel asleep that I didn't even hear her crying in the next room. So I went to days which was fine. I would drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day to stay awake while charting. I also have type 1 diabetes so whenever I would complain about excessive sleepiness my drs would just say it's the diabetes or hypothyroid or vitamin D deficiency or just being a working mother. My diabetes is under control and even treating with synthroid and vit D there was no change and my lab work is fine. So I told my psychiatrist I thought I had innatentive ADD and she recommended a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea. Of course, it wasn't apnea so the neurologist reccommended MSLT and it turned out I have narcolepsy. That was 10 months ago. Around the same time I started a demanding NICU job. I started Xyrem but because of my unpredictable work schedule and hours, I couldn't get on a consistent work routine. I am aslo taking Vyvanse and provigil during the day to stay alert. I asked my boss if I could just work weekends for a few weeks to help develop a better sleep routine. Even doing this, one sunday I had a horrible nights sleep bc my daughter woke up crying (teething) and only got 6 hrs broken up. I felt fine, but apparently had an episode of "brain fog" where I had a lapse in judgement that COULD have caused a patient harm, but didn't. My boss said they have to investigate and will let me know what happens. I am scared to death of making a mistake that will harm someone, so I don't trust myself anymore. I don't want to loose my job because I enjoy working there. I am working really hard to get the narcolepsy under control. I exercise, set alarms to go to bed and take the xyrem and there has been noticeable improvement. I now get 8 hrs 6/7 days a week, but life happens and there's always those days that are beyond your control. I'm wondering if I need to step away from critical care all together? I can't afford to not work. Can they legally discipline me for mistakes if it is a medical issue? I have been very open with my boss about my condition. I can't get FMLA yet because I've only been working there 10 months. Even with a good nights sleep and medications I don't feel like I react as quickly as I should. Not sure what to do at this point. Any advice would be appreciated.