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  1. TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    Most students get in with mostly A's, some B and very high HESI. Spring 2016 had a pretty high foundations semester failure rate, so it may be those students weren't as prepared. Preparation is very heavy. First exam was 22 chapters. It is constant...
  2. Alzheimer's Attack: Coping as Family & Nurse

    Are you kidding me, Roy Hanson? Did you not read that we have lived through this as caregivers and nurses???? Your responses are RUDE, dismissive and ignorant. So, what is YOUR experience with Alzheimer's, and how many of your 25 years have you taken...
  3. Alzheimer's Attack: Coping as Family & Nurse

    LadySolo... EXACTLY. No one has a CLUE until they walk in our shoes. If they did, they would run away screaming.
  4. Alzheimer's Attack: Coping as Family & Nurse

    I did. I accessed every resource, read every book, did it all on my own. No help at all from Alz society or neurologists. I learned everything I could, wrote reports for neurologist, gp, cardiac dr. Jerk family never bothered to learn or read anythi...
  5. Alzheimer's Attack: Coping as Family & Nurse

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. My boyfriend and I were his mothers full time 24/7 caregivers until she passed last July. The isolation and utter exhaustion of the caregiver is health destroying. I was doing my nursing prereqs at the same time,...
  6. Would you report possible diversion?

  7. Looking for a Change - Canada, New Zealand, Australia

    Something else you may want to consider: The cost of living. My brother moved from Canada to New Zealand 10 years ago, married a Kiwi and had two kids. They just moved back to Canada a year ago. When I visited, I was shocked at the cost of living....
  8. Mid-forties : Looking for a Specialty to Grow Old In

    Excellent topic. I am recareering INTO nursing (foundations student), and just turned 50 in January. This topic has been on my mind, as I try to figure out what avenue to aim for, for my first clinical position. I do think about what roles would be ...
  9. Hospice: A Dream or a Nightmare

    I was very grateful for the hospice nurses that helped us. They were so caring, wonderful and compassionate, my goal for my nursing career is to provide that same support to patients and their families. My only point was that I wish we had found the...
  10. Hospice: A Dream or a Nightmare

    Yes, the care falls to the family.. but know this.. ONE member 95% of the time. My BIG ASK, is if all nurses that care for a dementia pt or alzheimers in any clinical regard, make sure that discharge planning includes referrals to a social worker t...
  11. TCC Spring 2016 Applicants TCC Spring 2016 Nursing Students. It's a closed group, so search it and join. Admin will add you. Catherine.
  12. TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    The date for the meetup has been changed to NEXT week, Nov. 4.
  13. TCC Spring 2016 Applicants

    Fellow nursing students, I'm in, I just found this forum tonight! I sent a join request to the FB class page. Soooo freaking excited! Since I just joined this forum, I can't send PM yet. Can someone send me the info on the get together? Catherine