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  1. Placement 2016

    I had up to 6 options because I wanted to get in fast. My time stamp was for July 2015 and I just got placed for Fall 2016. I was still finishing up my pre-reqs for the NAU CEP. So I didn't mind much. If you don't want to wait maybe check out the LPN...
  2. NAU RN-BSN Bridge

    NAU is $362 per credit hour and the BSN program is 40 credits. So it's $14,480 for the program. I just got accepted into the CEP/GWCC program and my NAU classes start in June. It's a year round program but you graduate with an associate's and a BSN a...
  3. Prerequisites - How long do they take?

    I just got accepted and it took me about a year and a half going through the community college.
  4. Gateway Accelerated (GWCC)

    I would try and find out what the classes are that are required and then look them up in the Class Search option on I know I have a class list for my NAU CEP/GWCC program so I've been looking through it a bit to try and get an idea o...
  5. Gateway CC Fall 2016 Nursing

    Just wanted to open it up for everyone who was accepted into the RN program at GWCC! I am starting the CEP program at NAU and have orientation next thursday at the NAU north campus. Very excited!
  6. Spring 2016 Accepted

    I'm curious to know your guy's timestamps. I applied at the end of June '15 and got stamped 08/06/2015. Was really hoping to slide into Spring! but I think all spring placements have finished?