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  1. Hi everyone! I am a new nurse (8 months) currently work on an all-nursing medical-surgical unit with 30 beds. Our current nurse/patient ratio is 1:3 when fully staffed. Our ration would change to 1:4-5 with 2 PCTs Currently, there are no PCTs/CNAs on our floor and we do not have a float nurse. We are voting on getting PCTs and I am not sure how to vote. This is the only floor I have worked on, so I don't have much to compare my experience to. My patients are adults, 1-2 of my patients are bed bound and require bathing and turning during my shift. Sometimes, our patients need feeding as well. Many of the patients I care for would be in step-down units in smaller hospitals.. My unit is also known for having difficult to handle patients, we take patients that every other hospital in my state refuses to care for.. How do you feel PCTs impact the care of your patients? I feel that whenever I am handling a MET call, passing medications, or hanging blood, often times it is hard to balance other priorities like feeding and bathing as well. Thank you for the advice :)