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  1. Not many have LVN community college programs in my area.
  2. Political Science/Cybersecurity however I need to pay for certifications to be employable. CNA program in my area is also expensive, they have an industry of CNA schools where they charge 13,000 in tuition.
  3. LVN program is private, not many community colleges carry LVN's in my area.
  4. I was recently accepted in an LVN program while concurrently completing my Bachelors degree. I did not graduate yet I am 30 credits shy and can hold off graduation for another year. My dream/goal the last couple of years was to always be a nurse. I...
  5. Registered Nurse or Physician Assistant

    I have a friend who is OR Tech contemplating wanting to become a Registered Nurse and Physician Assistant. He is interested in both forms of healthcare. He already has his Bachelors Degree but he is now choosing which path he wants to take. He does ...
  6. I am highly interested in becoming a RN nurse but I don't have the luxury to be on waiting lists and I don't want to go to a private school and pay that much money for nursing school. In the mean time I am looking at short programs like Surigcal Tech...
  7. I am currently taking a Pheleobotomy course that runs through out the summer. A relatively decent price but way to long for someone who wants to start working right away. I was browsing online looking at summer healthcare work when I saw a 1 day all...
  8. Home Health Aide or Phelebotomy

    I am a pre-nursing student hoping to get started in the Fall or Spring but instead of sitting around the house and doing nothing. I want to take any healthcare courses during the summer, I am torn between doing the Home Health Aide Program, Pheleboto...
  9. LPN to RN bridge choice, good or not?

    The reason why people say that is due to economic educational costs. Some people think it is not worth getting your LPN when the main goal is to become an RN. Most LPN eventually do become RN. You can get your RN out the way withing 2-3 years dependi...
  10. From night shift nursing to Fitness Model

    I have been trying to set my priorities straight cause I am a pre-nursing student and at the same time want to become an athlete. I feel that being an athlete will help improve my endurance and stamina during clinicals. I have been trying to get myse...
  11. Self paced nursing pre-requistes

    Does anybody have a list of self paced nursing pre-requisite courses or colleges. I need to complete Anatomy and Physio I and II w/lab Microbiology Nutrition Statistics.
  12. Civilian Vs. Military nursing

    I am looking to join the military once I have my BSN but let me tell you the difference.Military health care facilities must follow all the same regulatory guidelines that civilian hospitals do. The only difference is that military hospitals are fast...
  13. Choosing The Right Nursing School

    Anytime you have been accepted into a nursing school, take it. There are a lot of students who would love to be in your place, now in terms the right nursing school. CCP is not a bad choice, it is a cheaper option but you will work in the same hospit...
  14. ADN VS BSN

    Hospitals and their hiring process are becoming real pain. There is really no difference, in reality the best education is the diploma nurse and they are getting rid of diploma programs who's schooling is at a hospital. ADN nurses have more clinical ...
  15. Nursing student wanting to join military.

    Due to downsize of military, they have become very selective. It often takes time until they select you .If you want to become an active duty nurse finish nursing school, I suggest that you stay in school. Don't enlist cause you will have to serve ri...