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  1. delissiaclark

    Postpartum Magnesium Sulfate

    At our facility we get PP mag pts. I am fresh out of nursing school and just had a mag pt with crazy BPs (180/100). We get vs q4, if very high BP then more often. We do intake and output, reflexes, and chart how much mag and fluids the mama's have gotten. We usually medicate with labetolol sch and hydrazaline prn for BP more than 150/100 and call MD for possible new parameters are needed. Hope this answered your question! M/B nurse
  2. delissiaclark

    Nurse Tech to Rn

    I am a new nursing graduate! ...Thank God! I have been working as a Nurse Technician since Sep 2015. I graduated on Dec 16th, 2016 and received my Temp license on January 3rd,2017.I haven't registered with Pearson Vue yet due to financial reasons but thats a different issue I plan to tackle soon! I am in Louisiana and I have already accepted an RN position as an Mother/Baby nurse(postpartum). I have been working for the same facility since I've been a nurse tech. I was wondering what I should expect in my transition from Nurse Tech to Registerd Nurse. Details please! HR has told me they need degree and temp license but that's it. Im curious to know more! Background check to last day of orientation! Thanks!
  3. I need help with understanding the diffefernce in ausculating mitral valve stenosis and regurgitation. I know one you will hear the intermittent S4 and one you will hear a S3 heart sound. Does the S3 sound like a horse gallop?