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    How is the pay vs. cost of living in Minot, ND?

    North Dakota's living expenses are extremely high right now due to the Recent Oil Boom (which has now settled down). However, even though the oil boom is slower, the cost of living remains high. Rent for a duplex can be as much as $1500 for a one bedroom to $3500 for 2-3 bedrooms depending on the area you want to live. Minot, ND has been high for a long time, after the oil started it became outrageous and really has not lowered very far. Nurses do not receive high wages either. $21.90-$22.10 for RN/BSN when they have ICU and ER experience on average. I think Minot may pay as high as $24.00. Also, the cost for medical insurance in Minot is lower at $450-$500 a month out-of-pocket for a family. If it is only you, the facility pays your health insurance. Trinity Health works short staffed a lot and with many contract nurses of varying degrees of knowledge and experience. Hope this helps