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  1. supermarijuanaman

    Pearson Vue Trick- Took my 200 :(

    pvt has never worked for someone after they take your $200. sorry, good luck next time
  2. supermarijuanaman

    Pearson took my money. Is there still a chance I passed?

    rekt, probably didn't pass
  3. supermarijuanaman

    9/23 ~105 questions 2nd attempt.. PASS

    2nd attempt had around 20 SATA, a lot of Priority and Med questions
  4. supermarijuanaman

    9/23 ~105 questions 2nd attempt.. PASS

    For all of you who are taking the NCLEX a second time, dont' panic. My first attempt as 265 Qs, not many Satas and I failed. Near passing standard in all categories, tok Hursts 45 day remediation and did practice tests a week before heading into my second attempt 3 months later. Test shut off around 105-110 questions and heart sank, but I got the results today. You guys can do it