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  1. rainln86

    Nurses who are short and petite

    I tried to send you a message but I cant find the button anywhere. Im also 5 feet and 100-105 lbs. I was a CNA for 2 yrs and always got messed with by coworkers and the bigger nurses. I didnt let it stop me but I always had to prove myself. I wanted to ask you how was your experiences and if you have stories being petiten 100lbs in the EMT & nurse world. thats very impressive. I was thinking if you can do it, I can too. I always tried to gain weight but I never gain anything over 107 lbs.
  2. rainln86

    In serious need of advice

    I read most of the replies on here. Perhaps it IS my attitude, perhaps I AM being defensive. I will take in deep consideration about whether or not I will pursue the nursing field. I appreciate the advice. I do want to say that I am surprised by the majority of the reactions on here. Especially how most of the comments speak no ill towards the hostility that I have experienced from the CNAS and nurses. For the comments that did addressed that it isnt right, I appreciate it. I quit that nursing home last month and is on the look for another CNA job. I dont regret any ounce of it. Im surprised at some of the comments because I know full well from what I experienced.. I was TOLD to my face by other CNAS and Nurses that I am too small and skinny to do the job. I proved them wrong, that is when they got worse. They didnt praise me for proving them wrong, they got nasty. Maybe its time I move to a different state and try to pursue a degree in nursing somewhere else or go for dental. Thanks for the insights!
  3. rainln86

    In serious need of advice

    Hello AcuteHD. I am asking for advice on going for a different medical major. I am hoping experienced nurses give some insight
  4. rainln86

    In serious need of advice

    I can lift 50 lbs, I have transferred some residents into a wheelchair before.
  5. rainln86

    In serious need of advice

    I am contemplating on and off on whether I should re enroll in school for ADN or BSN. I am only 23 yrs old. I worked as a new CNA for 6 months in a nursing home. They took me in easily because of the low pay and constant quitting and no call no shows at that place. I never wanted to quit.. but the ignorant, ghetto coworkers and ignorant nurses forced me out. EDIT* I meant that Im trying to get a 4 yr RN degree not RN to BSN I am petite, only 5'1 and weigh 100-105 lbs..if you ever see me, you would think I look like I weigh 90 but I am not 90. when I started at the nursing home, some CNAS told me I am too small to lift anybody, they said Im too short. A nurse told me Im too small for this job too. I developed my own routine over time and finished on time without asking for constant help after 2 weeks. All of a sudden, the psycho jealousy started to arise in some of the CNAS and nurses because I was able to do the work. I was minding my own damn business... its always a CNA on the wing I worked with that is nitpicking my actions, paying attention to me, and talking out loud like I dont know how to do anything so the nurse can hear. One CNA was all up in my ass, I reported her, she stalked me in the break room and threatened me. I ended up crying in the bathroom that day. As for the nurses, I was about to push the dirty linen cart into this nurse that was harassing me for weeks but I didnt. The one nurse that bullied me like crazy is about 5'11-6'0. She kept calling my name 100 times like Im her dog, snapping at me over stupid matters. Whenever I am about to finish my work on time, she starts calling my name and trying to give me other side work so that I will be behind in my work. When I tried out 3-11 shift, I asked this nurse for soap. She said "Im busy, come around and get it" in a rude disgusting tone like Im her maid. the other nurse next to her was laughing under her breath. I have been on two interviews for a CNA position at two hospitals, I got rejected at all of them. I noticed the majority of nurses are all taller and bigger than me. Im usually the only small skinny one. They called me the "little one" when I worked at the nursing home. Some residents called me the "little girl" as well. I am questioning my emotional mental state if it is a good idea to go into nursing with my height and weight. I tried to consider dental hygiene but I heard the job rate is low. I dont know what else to consider