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  1. NursesStickTogether

    What to do

    She probably did. It helps to have some support & get other opinions especially if it's not something you deal with every day. Pretty sure that's the basis of this site...
  2. NursesStickTogether

    LPN wound care certification

    I'm going to a sharps debridement course this weekend. It's ab$350 but cheaper if you register earlier. Thankfully my employer is paying for it (although I don't think all the practitioners realize that) hehe. From what I understand there is a 2nd part but it cost an 1k. I'M to inquire ab specifics Saturday when I go so ill keep everyone updated in the outcome! :)
  3. NursesStickTogether

    LPN wound care certification

    Thanks! I'll let you know if I find out any more info
  4. NursesStickTogether

    LPN wound care certification

    Hello. I'm new here so thanks in advance for any responses! I am an LPN in NYS & am wondering what the qualifications are to become wound care certified. My office offered to send me to a sharps debriedment course just not sure if as an LPN I'd even be eligible to qualify. I called the BON but was sent from VM to VM any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  5. NursesStickTogether

    Miss Colorado Brilliantly Explains Why You Are Not 'Just' A Nurse

    I work in an internal med infectious disease practice & I use my stethoscope on every single patient