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CO-MountainGirl has 5 years experience and specializes in Emergency, ICU, Pediatrics.

Emergency Room & ICU

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  1. Hello! Just wondering if there are any other fellow nurses/military spouses who are in my same shoes. I am considering going back to school for FNP, and potentially CNM as well, and as a military spouse I feel like online might be my best bet. Truthfully, I would prefer going to 'brick & mortar' but with kids, and the constant moving (with another coming up), I just don't think I could swing it. For awhile now, I have been looking at Frontier Nursing University and am hoping to get some new feedback from any of you that are currently enrolled or soon will be. Any positive/negatives would be appreciated! Specifically, what I really want to know about is the clinical portion; how easy or hard have you found it to get a preceptor and clinicals completed when you are moving to different communities and don't necessarily have any connections to work with? Thank you for honest feedback and tidbits! I appreciate it very much.