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    Quitting New CNA Job

    I was recently hired for a new CNA job and I have been working there for 2 and a half weeks. Immediately I noticed there were some red flags, but it's just getting worse and worse. Before I said I was going to stick it out until after a few months, then a few months turned into one month, then I considered turning in a two week notice, but now I don't even want to spend another day, week, hour, or whatever at that place. I won't be putting this job in my resume when I do quit without notice, but is there something that I should be aware of if i do quit without giving a two week notice? I was going to apply to this hospital but wasn't sure if they can check whether or not I had a CNA job prior even if I don't include it in my resume or job application I almost forgot to add, paying period recently just passed but I have yet to receive my paycheck for orientation or training. I now would have to wait another two weeks for my paycheck and by the time that paycheck comes in, it would be a month since working at the facility. I found this odd and have a friend who works at the same facility and she told me she got paid a week after orientation because that was the day every employee was supposed to get paid, anywho, if I were to quit within a few days, should I worry about them not giving me my paycheck?