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  1. Hi I applied for Spring 2018 entrance into CCAC Allegheny Nursing school. Has anyone heard back yet about acceptances/rejections? I applied in the second round before the September 15, 2017 deadline.
  2. hlh0904

    For New Grads -YES you can do psych.

    Thank you for this comment. I too want to pursue psych nursing. I am going back to school at 43. I really am interested and want to do this.
  3. hlh0904

    For New Grads -YES you can do psych.

    Thank you for this thread! I am just going into nursing school, but what motivated me in the first place to make the jump into nursing as a second career, is mental health. I believe whole heartedly that mental health is becoming a topic people are willing to take on, and ease out of the stigma. So many people suffer from mental illness and go undiagnosed. Thank you for posting. I felt very down, because I see a lot of threads stating something to the effect of psych being the "kiss of death" for a career. I am just going into nursing school, and I contacted human resources at this amazing hospital, and I felt like she was telling me "you know not what you ask for, young jedi". I also wished to get some experience at an in-patient psych unit working there, as a mental health aide or unit clerk. All I asked was for some advice and she just pushed me off stating, try to get an externship through one of your nursing instructors. They make psych out to be the toughest job to break into, because you need the psych experience, but who will take a chance in training? I am invested, I want to go for PMHNP, but it seems breaking into the profession is hard for a new grad. well again thank you, positivity was needed, and your post helped alot.
  4. When I applied in January I handed in my physical application into the office. She did not scan it in front of me, but set it aside. She was helping other students check in. Hope this helps.
  5. I just got my packet for Allegheny campus today!! check your mail everybody!! All info you need and questions you may have are neatly compiled. Things just got real!!
  6. I e-mailed Amber Reed. She gave me a contact for Allegheny Campus nursing. The secretary is Connie Trama. Her number is 412-237-2680. I left a message, about inquiry into Allegheny campus nursing orientation packets. No word yet. Any allegheny campus nursing students get their packet yet?
  7. Well at this point being pragmatic, my only hope is that I get to square away titers, back ground check and orientation, hopefully BEFORE August. They make you wait, and wait, and wait, and wait some more......
  8. Has anyone gotten an e-mail or an orientation packet in the mail? I am part of the Allegheny Evening crew. If you have commented before of how you received info I envy you thoroughly. Still waiting here....
  9. Amber got back to me. Indeed, all campuses are being handled differently. My poor postman, it looks like I am back to stalking him for CCAC letters. Patience is a virtue, that I still need to work on lol.
  10. You received more information than I. I am sorry that your not doing L&D and Psych rotations?! How can they do that? No word from Amber yet. Why don't they utilize e- mail groups for each of the different campuses at least keeping each group on the same page. Very frustrating indeed.
  11. You are fortunate. I just e-mailed Amber Reed as a precaution. There was no set date for the arrival of orientation dates or information packets. I just hate everything being handled by snail mail. I really wish we could shed more light on the process, instead of "wait and see". :/
  12. Thanks. I didn't receive a letter with orientation dates. We had to accept a seat first.
  13. thank you!!
  14. Congratulations on Boyce fast track. That sounds like an incredible program you were accepted into. Having those items paid for is amazing.
  15. I am starting Allegheny Evening. I honestly want to budget what I need to purchase early on, before the big school supply and textbook haul. Looking for good deals on scrubs, stethescope, etc. Trying to save as much as possible, wish I could get an idea. Where are you starting @Shadaya H ?
  16. Have a question for you all. Have you received any word on when we will receive a packet containing orientation dates? I examined past threads, and it seems it should be coming quite soon. Also, I am not sure if each campus handles this process differently? Any insight would be appreciated. thanks again!