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  1. Snowymtnrn1

    California Bay Hospital options

    Planning on being in Cali- Bay Area this year often so wAnt to do per Diem work while there. I’m already licensed so now just to figure out where to work. Any ideas on where I should apply? ED and I also do Case management. Most likely will just do ED prn work. Interested in making the most $$ while I’m there. Thoughts?
  2. Snowymtnrn1

    United health telephonic CM

    Does anyone here work for United Health? I interviewed for a job with them today and it sounds intriguing. 1130-8 and you work off a task list? 100% home based of course. I'm wondering if this is the type of job that you never really complete the daily tasks? Or if it's kinda fluid and I can work through my lists etc...and finish it and be done regardless of it took 4 hours or 12. I currently work from home doing telephone triage taking inbound calls so this is something I'm tethered to the phone allllll day and can't step away except for designated breaks etc...