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  1. Snowymtnrn1

    California Bay Hospital options

    Planning on being in Cali- Bay Area this year often so wAnt to do per Diem work while there. I’m already licensed so now just to figure out where to work. Any ideas on where I should apply? ED and I also do Case management. Most likely will just do ED prn work. Interested in making the most $$ while I’m there. Thoughts?
  2. Snowymtnrn1

    United health telephonic CM

    Does anyone here work for United Health? I interviewed for a job with them today and it sounds intriguing. 1130-8 and you work off a task list? 100% home based of course. I'm wondering if this is the type of job that you never really complete the daily tasks? Or if it's kinda fluid and I can work through my lists etc...and finish it and be done regardless of it took 4 hours or 12. I currently work from home doing telephone triage taking inbound calls so this is something I'm tethered to the phone allllll day and can't step away except for designated breaks etc...
  3. Snowymtnrn1

    Aetna CM Training

    I've been applying to them for months!!! Their hiring process seems soooo legnthy!!!
  4. Snowymtnrn1

    Per diem agencies?

    Are there PRN agencies in AK? Here in CO I work for one and they send me to different hospitals, pay weekly, that sort of thing. It's nice cuz I do case management from home but still like to do some ER(I've been an ER RN for 15 years.). And it's a good supplement. So are there local per diem agencies around?
  5. Snowymtnrn1

    ICU PRN pay and Denver hospitals

    Hi! I'm in the burbs of Denver for 20+ years. Depends on the hospital or systems you want to work for. Denver Metro has been monopolized by Centura, SCL, and University. I work for Parallon Staffing and they are the primary staffing agency for Health 1 hospitals. Their starting rate for me is $42. They also have Critical Care Float pools for ICU or ER, and i think the starting rate is around $40 at most of the area hospitals. Good luck! Get ready, the traffic is HORRENDOUS since legalization and its not as laid back as it used to be.
  6. Snowymtnrn1

    Hilo hospital

    I would love to know this as well.
  7. Snowymtnrn1

    Job hunt

    So recently lost my job as OHN, and am looking everywhere. its HARD to find places that use OHN's? I live in Colorado, any ideas on searches i can do to help me find jobs? thanks!

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