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    GCC Concurrent Program Help!

    Hi! I am currently taking my pre-reqs to apply for the Maricopa nursing pool and I am so confused! I went to a couple advisement sessions and they were really no help. My main concern is the difference between the concurrent nursing program and the ADN program. Are there different pre-reqs for each? Can you still wait(like with the ADN program) to take the co-reqs for the conccurent program or do those have to be completed as well to even apply for the concurrent program? I was under the impression that there were 4 classes I needed to take to get into the "pool" for the ADN program. Just wondering if it is different for the concurrent program. I was also told I would wait longer for the ADN program,but I don't see how. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Hopefully this post made sense because I have been a mess. Thank you!