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  1. koreanbraves

    Grady Residency

    Has anyone interviewed for Grady new grad RN Residency? if you have, can anyone tell me what it was like and the type of questions they asked? i am interested in ER or MedSurg. also, if anyone is already in their residency program already, please share what you like/dislike about the program.
  2. koreanbraves

    GRADY Hospital

    does anyone know about their rn residency program? i am a new grad and trying to find more about their rn residency program
  3. koreanbraves

    Emory RN Residency Winter/Spring 2018

    okk, good to know. im getting nervous -_-
  4. koreanbraves

    Emory RN Residency Winter/Spring 2018

    anyone if they are still calling?? i havent heard anything yet..
  5. koreanbraves

    Emory RN Residency Winter/Spring 2018

    Ok, that's good to know. I interviewed for EUH ICU and St. Joseph ED. Both of the managers did mention they will notify applicants within a week. for those who were accepted, did they call you or did they sent you an email?
  6. koreanbraves

    Emory RN Residency Winter/Spring 2018

    I also interviewed Monday and I still have not heard anything... I did see on FB people were hearing back since yesterday so it looks like they are calling applicants since yesterday..
  7. koreanbraves

    I'm having doubts about nursing... :(

    hey, i am senior nursing student graduating December 2017 and I can tell you do not make decision just on one clinical rotation. you will go through many different types of floors such as PEDS, OB, PSYCH, critical care, ER, hospice, nursing homes, etc. and you will find your passion somewhere. CNAs are critical part of the care team. i suggest you do nurse intern job or extern job and see if you really like the hospital environment. do it as soon as possible because you dont want to go too deep into your program and then regret it. every job has its own ups/downs. you need to fit into the unique nursing passion to stay in this field.
  8. koreanbraves

    Wellstar RN Residency Program 2017

    if anyone reads this thread, can you tell me what questions they asked at the interview? i have a phone interview coming up this week and really nervous..
  9. koreanbraves

    Medical assisting first, then the RN program?

    if it works out, it is better to start RN program ASAP and after 1 semester of school, start working as a Nurse Intern. working as an intern will provide you great experience of nursing and you can do it part time while going to school.
  10. koreanbraves

    Plastic Surgery RN experience good for entry into CRNA Program?

    you need to work at a ICU unit at least 1 year before you can start applying to CRNA schools. titration of medication is the reason why you need to work at ICU. remember, CRNA schools are super competitive (acceptance rate is between 10 and 20%) and only getting worse as more people find about it.
  11. koreanbraves

    emory RN residency program

    How competitive is the Emory RN residency program?
  12. koreanbraves

    Augusta 2017-2018 DNP Applicants

    Just wanted to start a thread for those who will be applying to the Augusta DNP program for the 2017-2018 cycle. is anyone else applying to this program??
  13. koreanbraves

    Passed my adult/gero AANP boards!!

    congrats! what was your experience like at Ga State? were all of your classes online?
  14. koreanbraves

    East Tennessee State - ETSU ABSN 2016

    i think i got around 360..
  15. koreanbraves

    RN fundamentals 2016

    do they ever use the same questions from the ATI practice questions in the book?
  16. koreanbraves

    ABSN student going into NP programs

    I am an ABSN student who will be applying to NP programs next year. All graduate schools check your overall GPA. does this mean, they will include my previous degree into calculating the overall GPA? My nursing GPA is very good but my previous degree GPA was not good so I am afraid it will hinder me getting in... also do graduate schools check just the nursing degree GPA separately?