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annienurse86 specializes in Psych.

Experience in adolescent and adult psych. Clinical preceptor to senior nursing students in preceptorship.

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  1. annienurse86

    Lancet Needle Stick

    It was spring loaded. I think it just skimmed the surface of the patient's skin.
  2. annienurse86

    I am a real nurse

    So often I hear that psych nurses aren't real nurses. I work on an inpatient unit. I do modified head to toe assessments, listen to heart and lungs sounds, give PRNs for things ranging from high blood pressures to panic attacks, give injections, test blood sugars, and all with the added bonus of occasionally dodging a flying chair. But since I haven't started an IV in years and need help somehow I'm not a 'real' nurse to some medical professionals. Anyone else run into this?
  3. annienurse86

    Lancet Needle Stick

    I was testing a patient's blood sugar and the lancet slipped. I was wearing gloves. I squeezed his finger and no blood came out. I had to re-poke him. When I took my gloves off there was a small pinprick of blood. He had a rapid test and came back negative. I had a rapid test the next day and came back negative. Should I have been tested again, or is it because it was a lancet with no visible blood from the patient that I don't need to be tested again?