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    So, while I am not a nurse at Honor Health I do work there. Our benefits are pretty good, tuition assistance is offered and pay-wise, I believe new grad nurses start at about 26 and from there I don't know (you can guage off of that). I enjoy working there, I mean its like any other job but generally speaking it's a good company. The people are great to work with and I don't think you will have any problems with being gay. People really are nice, I don't know specifics about LGBT community but I know of a few (not at the scottsdale location specifically) who have been there a while. I would say if you love the job offer, I don't think you will hate the rest.
  2. Iosqs

    Anxious to find spring 2016 placement

    I am on the verge of turning my application in, just curious about the schedule days. Do these three days include clinicals or are they in addition to these three days?