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    To change or not to change jobs?

    Hey everybody! I am new to allnurses and love the opportunity to talk with others who understand the profession. I am currently in a unique situation. I have been a nurse for almost 1.5 years and have been working on a MedSurg unit for experience doing 12-hr days part-time. I have also been working in a physician's office two days a week, and have done so since my 3rd semester of nursing school. Obviously, a private office is not going to pay what a large corporation does. I make about $26/hr base pay at the hospital with benefits, and only about $18/hr at doctor's office, no benefits. I stayed at the office because the job was generally a lot less stressful than the floor, so it reminds me that not all jobs are as taxing. Plus, I tend to enjoy it. I have gotten to know many of the patients that we see and truly enjoy seeing them. My husband works M-F about 2pm-11pm. Working the 12-hr days, many weekend days, and many holidays, makes it very hard to see him and the rest of my family. (We do not have children of our own yet, but I know that I want to be with my children most of the time when we do decide to have them.) Three weeks ago, I turned in a two-week notice to the doctor's office. I felt that it was in my family's best interest financially that I work full-time at the hospital (three 12-hr days). The physician I work for called me two days later with a "counter offer." She said she would pay me $25/hr to stay with her during her surgeries (first half of day Wednesday). I am not doing anything that her MAs can't do. I agreed to stay for the half day and I am working three 12's at the hospital. Today, I got a call from a friend who works in PREOP/PACU at my hospital. And PREOP was the only clinical I remember being excited about after I left! They have positions available and her manager is interested in hiring me. Both M-F, either 7am-3pm or 10am-6pm. My husband thinks the later shift would be wonderful for us. Plus, my coworker says that everyone takes call on A holiday ONCE a year. She also says that the 4 12-hr shift nurses take first call on weekends, so if I was on call, I would be second or third on call, which she states doesn't happen often. Basically, I need your opinions. Is this an opportunity I can't refuse? In reality, would it be better as far as being at home with my husband? Is going in 5 days/week from 10-6 better than three 12's and a half-day a week, plus every other holiday and weekends? Would the physician be upset with me? She did give me an offer I couldn't refuse, which is very flattering and means a lot to me. I am at a loss. I don't want to pass up an opportunity that may be great for my marriage and my interests. But, I am also just now getting comfortable in my career on the floor. The first year was very difficult for me, as I had a lot of anxiety and became attached to my patient's easily. I fear starting over and feeling the inadequacy, anxiety, uncertainty, and emotions I felt as a new employee/nurse all over again. I also fear upsetting the physician that took me under her wing when I was in school and had no experience. HELP!