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    I've made a mistake, and now I need help

    I've made a mistake too, and I'm not being able to cope with it... I work in a Nursing home, I came to work monday and I saw the repport from the weekend, one patient that had not long ago started with Gliclazide 2x/day for his diabetes had had several hypos during sunday, monday morning he was still in hypoglycemia, I left him eat, rechecked later... He had 44 mg/dL at lunch time, I gave him more food and contacted his GP, he said to pass the Gliclazide to only 1 tablet a day, and that he would come to recheck on him the day after. I changed his medication sheet, contacted the pharmacy (medication is not prepared by us) and told everything to my colleague that was going to work the evening shift. The thing I didn't do (because I was stressed out and ended up forgetting) was to take the Gliclazide from 18:00 from his medication and my colleague ended up giving it to him, needless to say that in the begining of the night shift the patient had a serious hypoglycemia and ended up sent to the hospital... I'm not being able to cope with this, I feel so stupid and negligent. I called today to the hospital and they say hes going better. It was a stupid mistake, and It was all on me. I talked to some colleagues and everyone says "Well, it can happen" (we are also extremely shortly staffed, I was the only nurse for 40 pts on that day) but it doesn't really ease the guilt, I can't sleep. I hope he will be fine.