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  1. suzykijo

    TEAS 2016

    Yah I do have .
  2. suzykijo

    TEAS 2016

    Hey how was your exam?i got a 69.3..am crossing my fingers I get a chance in my college.
  3. suzykijo

    TEAS 2016

    Hey,coincidentally am taking myn tomorrow too in Essex county college at 1pm.My school needs a 60% though a 75% would be better as thousands of pple apply so the higher your score is the beta.Have not done mch on trial test maybe 2 or 3 from the ati book.Lets cross our fingers for the best.
  4. suzykijo

    TEAS V Test

    Am doing my teas too dis April hoping for the best though the college am aiming to get in is so competitive...I hope I do well.Lets keep studying.
  5. suzykijo

    TEAS 2016

    Anyone taking teas exam this year...am hoping to take the teas before end of April....am currently a student at Essex county college,Newark..Let me knw any extra info you may share.