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  1. TaylorStanley

    Kaplan San Diego ADN Program

    I want to go inot Kaplan, but people say I won't get a job if i graduate from there. If I got a RN from Kaplan and then a BSN from an online school, would it make it easier to get a job?
  2. TaylorStanley

    Where do I start? Kaplan? Transfer?

    I want to become a BSN, however, I am a Baverage student and it seems impossible to get in anywhere, I have been taking basic college classes to cover some prerequisites. My college pretty much said I am not good enough to get in. I can go to Kaplan to get my RN, but no one hires Kaplan nurses (according to most hospitals hiring departments). If I got an RN from Kaplan and then got my BSN from a RN to BSN program, would I get a job easier? Would employers still think of me as a Kaplan student, or a student from where I got my BSN?